Oracle Cloud Applications: Security Overview



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Oracle Cloud Applications: Security Overview

Description: In this seminar course, you'll learn about the Oracle Applications Cloud security components providing security to the Oracle Cloud Applications. The discussion includes common security components, components unique to three of the offerings (Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Sales Cloud). Other content introduces the Security Console, discusses enterprise setup and the role of Functional Setup Manager, and the identity and uses of bulk data loading tools for different offerings.

Learn To:

  • Describe RBAC and how it is used to provide users access to applications and data
  • Identify Security Console uses for role research and customization, user management, and security setup
  • Identify the different types of roles and explain how they are used to create a role hierarchy
  • Identify bulk data load capabilities for separate Oracle Cloud Application offerings and their uses
  • Provide detail on the security implementation in Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Sales Cloud
  • Identify how role customization and user management is done in the Security Console

Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Describe Enterprise setup and its importance to Cloud Applications security
  • Introduce Oracle bulk data loaders
  • Demonstrate using the Security Console for role research and customization
  • Provide details of the Security Console for user management
  • Describe the role hierarchy and how it provides application and data access
  • Describes the types of users supported by Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Identify security components in Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Identify required security components used in Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Introduce the Functional Setup Manager
  • Introduce and provide useage details of the Security Console


  • Administrator
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Configuration Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Security Administrators



Security Overview

  • Roles Based Access Control terminology
  • Security implementation data flow
  • Role Based Access Control Standard definition
  • Functional Setup Manager introduction
  • Role Inheritance Hierarchy introduction

Security Components

  • Required installation components in addition to licensed offering
  • Security Console introduction
  • Human Capital Management Core description and requirement
  • Introduce the Oracle Security Reference Model

Functional Setup Manager

  • Identify user types and need
  • List implementation user duties
  • Describe implementation user creation and provisioning
  • Describe functional user creation and provisioning
  • Introduct implementation projects

Enterprise Setup

    Role Types and Role Provisioning

    • Introduce the five types of roles supported
    • Provide details on the role inheritance hierarchy
    • Describe Role Provision Rules and demonstrate their use

    Security Console

    • Describe the data storage for the Security Console
    • List the benefits and features of the Security Console
    • Describe Security Console role management capabilities
    • Describe Security Console user management capabilities
    • Describe Security Console setup requirements

    User and Role Provisioning

    • Describe user account creation capabilities
    • Identify role provisioning capabilities
    • Identify role provisioning restrictions
    • Introduce the HCM Data Loader
    • Provide details on HCM Role customization
    • Provide details on ERP Role customization
    • Provide details on Sales Cloud Role customization
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