Oracle Financials Cloud: Assets Fundamentals



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Oracle Financials Cloud: Assets Fundamentals

Description: This Oracle Financials Cloud: Assets Fundamentals training will help you understand the asset book setups, asset additions and asset adjustments. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to process depreciation on assets, asset retirements, and accounting for assets.

Learn To:

  • Configure Oracle Fusion Assets
  • Explain and execute the asset management process
  • Manage asset additions and mass additions
  • Effectively manage depreciations
  • Manage asset adjustment and retirement
  • Process asset accounting for corporate and tax books

Duration: 4 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Retire Assets
  • Add Assets
  • Report on Assets
  • Navigate in Oracle Cloud Assets
  • Create Leases
  • Account for Assets
  • Manage Asset Configuration
  • Depreciate Assets
  • Define Asset Books and Categories


  • Accountant
  • Configuration Implementer
  • Delivery
  • End Users
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Reporting Manager
  • Presales
  • Project Manager



Overview of Assets Fundamentals

  • Oracle Cloud Implementation Resources
  • Using Oracle Help Center
  • Understanding Assets
  • Examining Assets Tasks, Reports, and Inquiry

Introducing Oracle Fusion Navigation

  • Examining Simplified Navigation
  • Discussing User Interface and Dashboards
  • Reviewing Tasks and Search Panel Tabs
  • Explaining Infolets Versus Infotiles

Introducing Functional Setup Manager

  • Reviewing Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features
  • Browsing and Configuring Options
  • Using Implementation Projects
  • Exporting and Importing Processes

Overview of Security

  • Understanding the Oracle Security Model
  • Discussing the Security Console
  • Examining Changes to the Common Security Features

Configuring Assets

  • Implementing Assets
  • Discussing Asset Configuration
  • Configuring Assets Key Flexfields
  • Implementing Asset Locations

Managing Asset Books and Categories

  • Implementing Asset Books
  • Using Ledgers, Subledgers, and Business Units
  • Discussing Reference Data Sharing
  • Configuring Asset Categories
  • Defining Depreciation Rules
  • Using Profile Options and Lookups
  • Reveiwing Descriptive Flexfields

Adding Assets

  • Understanding Asset Infotiles
  • Creating Assets from Payables
  • Reveiwing Assets Landing page
  • Adding Assets Manually
  • Examining Accumulated Depreciation
  • Using Spreadsheets
  • Running Mass Additions
  • Using Leases

Adjusting Assets

  • Reviewing Adjustments Infotiles
  • Creating Mass Transactions
  • Using Asset Transfers
  • Performing Mass Category Change
  • Reviewing Financial Transactions

Depreciating Assets

  • Reviewing Depreciation Infotiles
  • Implementing Depreciation Rules
  • Running Depreciation
  • Discussing Depreciation Forecasts What If Analysis

Retiring Assets

  • Explaining Mass Asset Retirements and Reinstatements
  • Posting Online Asset Transactions

Accounting and Reporting on Assets

  • Creating Accounting
  • Entering Journal Entries
  • Performing Subledger Accounting
  • Reviewing Online Inquiry and Reporting
  • Discussing Standard Reports

Using Tax Books

  • Creating Tax Books
  • Performing Initial and Periodic Mass Copy
  • Examining Deferred Depreciation
  • Adding CIP Assets to Tax Books

Appendix A: Listing of Reports and Event Classes

  • Understanding Assets Reports
  • Describing Assets Accounting Event Model and Classes

Appendix B: Common Application Topics

  • Understanding Oracle Social Network Objects
  • Configuring Key and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Using Lookups and Profile Options
  • Defining Attachments
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