Oracle Financials Cloud: Using General Ledger Fundamentals



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Oracle Financials Cloud: Using General Ledger

Description: This Oracle Financials Cloud: Using General Ledger training teaches you the steps needed to use and maintain Oracle General Ledger and related products, including Oracle Intercompany and Financial Reporting Studio. Experienced Oracle University instructors teach you how to use and maintain Oracle General Ledger after implementation.

Learn To:

  • Understand Oracle Fusion General Ledger features
  • Explore the configuration of enterprise structures and the related Vision Corporation story
  • Discuss the common applications configuration for Financials
  • Use General Ledger including journal entries, allocations, intercompany entries, budgeting, consolidations, and financial reporting

Duration: 3 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Create and generate allocations
  • Explore the configuration of enterprise structures and the related Vision Corporation story.
  • Run revaluations and translations.
  • Create and post journal entries.
  • Use General Ledger budgeting.
  • Explore cosolidations and reporting currencies.
  • Understand Oracle Fusion General Ledger features.


  • Business Analysts
  • Cloud User
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Reporting Manager



Using General Ledger Overview

  • Introduce the Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Discuss Oracle Financials Cloud.
  • Explain Oracle General Ledger features.
  • Review Oracle Fusion General Ledger accounting cycle
  • Examine the new Financial Reporting Center.

Navigating in General Ledger

  • Navigate Oracle Fusion General Ledger.
  • Explore dashboards.
  • Examine panels.
  • Review infolets.
  • Discuss Functional Setup Manager and implementation project.

Discussing the Vision Story

  • Discuss the Vision Corporation Story elements.

Reviewing Enterprise Structures

  • Discuss enterprise structures and shared components.
  • Examine for legal entities
  • Explore chart of account components.
  • Create account combinations
  • Define cross-validation rules.

Exploring Calendars and Ledgers

  • Use the accounting calendar
  • Review ledgers and ledger options
  • Assign balancing segments.
  • Manage reporting currencies.
  • Map chart of accounts.
  • Explore the GL Balances cube.
  • Define GL security.

Creating Journal Entries.

  • Describe the accounting cycle.
  • Create manual and imported journal entries.
  • Post journal entries using various posting options.
  • Create reversing entries.
  • Identify reports, listings and inquiry options.

Using Foreign Currencies

  • Understand currency concepts.
  • Explore conversion rates.
  • Discuss cross currency functionality.
  • Enter foreign currency journals.

Managing Intercompany Transactions

  • Manage intercompany balancing rules
  • Manage intercompany transaction processing options
  • Create an intercompany batch
  • Run intercompany reconciliation

Performing Period Close

  • Open and close periods.
  • Allocate balances.
  • Manage revaluations.
  • Run translations.
  • Import journal entries.
  • Reconcile balances.

Using the Financial Reporting Center

  • Describe the features of the new Financial Reporting Center
  • Describe Smart View key features.
  • Create financial reports using the Financial Reporting Studio.
  • Understand Infolets and Account Groups.
  • Use the Sunburst visualization tool.
  • Discuss Oracle Transaction BI reports and BI Publisher reports.

Maintaining General Ledger Options

  • Manage suspense accounts.
  • Manage statistical units of measure.
  • Manage processing schedules.

Performing Consolidations

  • Discuss consolidation methods.
  • Explore the reporting consolidation option.
  • Examine the balance transfer consolidation option.
  • E-Business Suite NotesDefine integration with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management with Oracle Fusion General Ledger.

Loading Budgets

  • Describe budgeting preparation
  • Explain integration with Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition.
  • Define the budget scenario dimension
  • Load data with ADFdi and Oracle Smart View.

Loading Budgets

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