Oracle Financials Cloud: Using Payables



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Oracle Financials Cloud: Using Payables

Description: This Oracle Financials Cloud: Using Payables training teaches end users how to enter and maintain suppliers, process invoices, handle withholding tax on suppliers, process payments, and do the period close activities. This course ensures you can successfully perform your daily functions.

Learn To:

  • Identify the key concepts of the Procure to Pay flow and how their role is critical to the process
  • Use the Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to maintain Oracle Fusion Payables
  • Identify the key common applications configurations for Payables
  • Explain the supplier model and how to create and maintain suppliers
  • Use the Invoice Work Area to process manual and automatic invoices
  • Setup and use supplier withholding tax
  • Use Oracle Fusion Payments to process payments to your suppliers
  • Create accouting, run reports and close a period

Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Explain Accounts Payables balances for period close
  • Identify the key concepts of Oracle Financials Cloud: Using Payables
  • Discuss the key concepts of enterpirse structures, ledgers, business units, and data reference sets
  • Setup and maintain suppliers
  • Navigate the Fusion Applications and use the Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to maintain Payables
  • Understand invoicing
  • Discuss the withholding tax process
  • Create payments


  • Accountant
  • Cloud User
  • End Users
  • Financial Analyst



Oracle Fusion Cloud: Using Payables Overview

  • Explain the available resourses
  • Understand the course schedule
  • Discuss Oracle Financials Cloud Applications
  • Understand the key features of the Procure to Pay flow

Introducing Oracle Fusion Navigation

  • Navigate Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Explore dashboards
  • Examine panels
  • Review infolets and infotiles
  • Understand the Functional Setup Manager for ongoing maintenance

Common Applications Configurations and the Vision Story

  • Understand legal structures
  • Describe financial reporting structures
  • Discuss ledgers
  • Explain business unit features
  • Understand the seervice provider model
  • Explain reference data sets and business functions
  • Discuss reference data sharing
  • Describe the Vision Corporation story


  • Understand the supplier model
  • Discuss supplier sites
  • Create a suppler


  • Explain the Procure to Pay process
  • Understand the invoice process
  • Describe the invoice types
  • Understand the invoice components
  • Explain the various methods for entering invoices
  • Discuss invoice validation, tolerances, and holds
  • Understand invoice approval

Withholding Tax

  • Describe the withholding tax process
  • Understand withholding tax codes and classifications
  • Describe withholding tax options
  • Create automatic withholding tax invoices


  • Describe the key concepts fo payments
  • Understand the payment process flow
  • Explain the set up and maintenance of banks, branches, and bank accounts
  • Describe and perform the various payment types
  • Explain the prepayment process
  • Understand the centralized payment model

Accounts Payable Balances

  • Understand the Create Accounting process
  • Submit Payables and Payments reports
  • Close a Payables period
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