R12.2 Oracle Order Management Fundamentals



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R12.2 Oracle Order Management Fundamentals

In this course, you will learn how to perform the basic order capture and order fulfillment flows that Oracle Order Management facilitates. Learn set up steps for Oracle Order Management: define processing constraints, transaction types, default rules, order holds, and user defined attributes at the order header and line level enabling additional information recorded on the sales order. Support Oracle Order Management by learning set up steps for Oracle Receivables  (create customers, payment terms, and define credit checking), Oracle Advanced Pricing (creating price lists, creating discount, and freight and special charge list modifiers), and Oracle Shipping Execution (freight carriers, freight cost types, document sets, and container load details). The course also includes information on how to enable multiple organization access control (MOAC) specifically for Oracle Order Management.

Duration: 4 Days


  • E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers
  • Inventory Management Fundamentals
  • Navigating Oracle Applications
  • Financials Functional Foundation


  • End Users
  • Functional Implementers

Learning Objectives

  • Create and use price lists, modifiers, qualifiers, and price books
  • Explain shipping flows within the order-to-cash lifecycle
  • Set up and use shipping entities to perform shipping-related activities
  • Set up multiple organization access control for Oracle Order Management
  • Define subinventories, units of measure, and items
  • Define item orderability rules
  • Define user defined attributes for orders and lines
  • Define customers, invoice information, and credit checking
  • Explain tax-related setup steps
  • Set up profile options and system parameters
  • Set up processing constraints, defaulting rules, and transaction types
  • Use scheduling and workflow
  • Define holds
  • Purge orders
  • Manage exceptions
  • Execute the order-to-cash lifecycle with different order types


  • Overview of Oracle Order Management
  • Order Entities and Order Flows
  • Order Processing
  • Multiple Organization Access Control Setup
  • Oracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Order Management Setup Steps
  • Holds, Order Purge, and Exception Management Setup
  • Basic Pricing Setup
  • Overview of Shipping Execution
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