R12.2 Oracle Subledger Accounting Fundamentals



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R12.2 Oracle Subledger Accounting Fundamentals

Description: This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, 12.1 or R12.2 This R12.2 Oracle Subledger Accounting Fundamentals Ed 1 training teaches you about the rule-based accounting engine, toolset and repository that supports Oracle E-Business Suite modules. Expert Oracle University instructors will begin with with an overview of Subledger Accounting key concepts and terminology.

Learn To:

  • Create and modify the setup for subledger journal entries and application accounting definitions for Oracle subledger applications
  • Create journal entries and transfer them to General Ledger
  • Inquire and report on subledger journal entries
  • Understand how Oracle Subledger Accounting integrates with the Oracle eBusiness Suite applications
  • Understand the major features of Oracle Subledger Accounting
  • Use Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) to create and modify subledger journal line setups and application accounting definitions

Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Define journal line types and definitions
  • Understand the process for building application accounting definitions
  • Define account derivation rules
  • Create copies of seeded definitions and customize them
  • Create and transfer journal entries by using the Create Accounting program
  • Transfer eligible journal entries to General Ledger by using the Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger program
  • Create subledger journal entries
  • Use the Transaction and Accounting chart of accounts
  • Define supporting references and perform inquiries on supporting reference balance
  • Perform inquiries on General Ledger account balances, accounting events, journal entries, and journal entry lines based on multiple selection criteria
  • View error information about accounting events and journal entries
  • Set up and copy business flows
  • Understand multiple accounting representations for reporting currencies and secondary ledgers
  • Use the diagnostic framework to review the journal entries created by the Subledger Accounting program
  • Define subledger accounting methods
  • Understand the integration of Oracle Subledger Accounting with other Oracle eBusiness applications


  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer


  • Working knowledge of Oracle Payables
  • Knowledge of fundamental accounting principles


Overview of Subledger Accounting

  • What Is Subledger Accounting?
  • Introduction to Subledger Accounting
  • What Is a Subledger?

Create Accounting and Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger

  • Create Accounting Program Overview
  • Draft Accounting and Online Accounting
  • Straight-Through Accounting
  • Transfer Journal Entries to GL Program Overview
  • Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger Program


  • Accounting Events Inquiry Process
  • Viewing Subledger Journal Entry Lines
  • Subledger Journal Entry Lines Inquiry Process
  • Drilldown from GL

Accounting Methods Builder (AMB)

  • Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Overview
  • AMB Process
  • Copy and Modify Functionality
  • Transaction Chart of Accounts
  • Accounting Chart of Accounts
  • Application Accounting Definition


  • Subledger Accounting Reports Overview
  • Custom Parameters
  • Journal Entries Report
  • Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report

Creating Manual Subledger Journal Entries

  • Subledger Journal Entries Overview
  • Creating Subledger Journal Entries
  • Reviewing and Completing Subledger Journal Entries
  • Duplicating Subledger Journal Entries

Advanced Options

  • Custom Sources
  • Business Flows
  • Multiperiod Accounting
  • Accrual Reversals
  • Diagnostic Framework Overview
  • Journal Entry Sequencing
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