Siebel 20/21 Developer Essentials I

Course DateStart TimeEnd TimeTime ZoneLocationDaysPrice
Sep 19, 202209:0005:00EDTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase
Dec 5, 202209:0005:00ESTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase

Siebel CRM 20/21 Developer Essentials I

The Siebel CRM 20/21 Developer Essentials I course is a comprehensive, modular training. Following a concise case study with real-world aspects, students learn how to configure and customize modern versions of Siebel CRM (IP 17 and higher, including Siebel CRM 21.x)
The content is also applicable to any prior version (Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 17 or higher, including Siebel 18, 19, 20 and 21)
The training is beneficial for IT Professionals, Application Developers and Consultants with no or limited prior Siebel CRM knowledge who aspire to become Siebel Developers
Familiarity with web-based software applications and Microsoft Windows is a prerequisite. Experience with development/administration of enterprise applications and/or CRM is beneficial.

Duration: 5 days


  • Overview of the course content and agenda
  • High-level introduction to Siebel CRM applications and history
  • Understand the Siebel CRM physical architecture
  • Introduction to Siebel Tools, Web Tools and Workspaces
  • Structure of the Siebel Repository and its layers (Logical UI, Business Layer, Data Layer, Integration, Automation)
  • Development tasks and processes. Workign with Workspaces
  • Developing Applets, Views and Screens
  • Develop Business Components, Fields, Joins, Links and Business Objects
  • Develop custom Tables, Columns and Indexes
  • Develop static and dynamic pick lists. Present 1:M and M:M relationships with Multi Value Groups
  • Controlling View/Feature access and record-level access
  • Extending Siebel business logic with user properties
  • Understanding navigational concepts
  • Develop custom menus and buttons
  • Understand and develop business services to provide a service layer of business logic for all applications
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