Siebel 20/21 Open UI Professional

Course DateStart TimeEnd TimeTime ZoneLocationDaysPrice
Aug 8, 202209:0005:00EDTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference2$2,700 USDPurchase
Nov 17, 202209:0005:00ESTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference2$2,700 USDPurchase

Siebel 20/21 Open UI Basics

The Siebel CRM 20/21 Open UI Basics course is a comprehensive, modular training that focuses on providing students with a solid, hands-on understanding of Siebel Open UI
The training is applicable to Siebel CRM version IP 14 or higher, including IP 17 and updates 18, 19, 20 and 21
The workshop is beneficial for Siebel Developers, Web Developers and Web Designers, provided they have prior technical experience (Siebel Consultant level) with Siebel CRM. Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and modern web browsers is a necessity

Duration: 3 days


  • Introduction to Siebel Open UI architecture and standard features
  • Details on the architecture of Siebel Open UI
  • Comprehensive and detailed discussion of the Siebel Open UI Manifest
  • Deep-dive into the layered browser-side framework of Siebel Open UI
  • Simple, yet comprehensive example of creating a custom Physical Renderer extension
  • Full coverage of all aspects of the Presentation Model layer in Siebel Open UI
  • Detailed discussion of how to create custom Physical Renderer extensions
  • How to customize the physical appearance and behavior of applet controls
  • Process of registering custom CSS files and themes
  • Introduction to the Siebel Open UI event listeners
  • Introduces standard user properties which allow developers to define the appearance and behavior of UI elements

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