Siebel 20/21 Workshop

Course DateStart TimeEnd TimeTime ZoneLocationDaysPrice
Aug 15, 202209:0005:00EDTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference3$3,600 USDPurchase
Nov 7, 202211:0007:00ESTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference3$3,600 USDPurchase

Siebel 20/21 Workshop

The Siebel CRM 20/21 Workshop is a comprehensive, modular training that focuses on new features and architectural changes introduced in Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 17 and subsequent updates.
The content is also applicable to any prior version (Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 17 or higher, including Siebel 18, 19, 20 and 21).
The training is beneficial for Siebel Developer, Siebel Administrators and Siebel Business Analysts provided they have prior experience (Siebel Consultant or Business Analyst level) with Siebel CRM up to version IP 16

Duration: 3 days


  • Overview of new features and changes since IP 17
  • Details on IP 17+ Architecture, Installation and Siebel Management Console (SMC)
  • Detailed introduction to MDE (generally available in 21.2 and higher)
  • Details on Gateway Cluster feature
  • Introduction to Web Tools and Workspaces, Integration Workspaces, CI/CD
  • Deep Dive into Migration Application and Migration Services, incl. Case Study and LOV Migration Details
  • Introduction to integrated Test Automation, incl. Case Study
  • Details on Inbound and Outbound REST API with examples
  • Introduction to Desktop Integration Siebel Agent (DISA) and Siebel Outlook Drag and Drop (SODD)
  • Introduction to UPT
  • Introduction to CalDAV and CardDAV integration
  • Overview on the process of upgrading from pre IP 17 to Siebel 20/21
  • Overview of Siebel Mobile Applications (connected and disconnected) and Smartphone UX
  • Overview and brief case study for Developers
  • Introduction to Siebel Portal Framework, specifically Portlet architecture
  • Discussion of Siebel Cloud deployment options and Siebel on Docker, including Cloud Native Architecture

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