A full-service, peace-of-mind, Oracle managed services solution that puts the management of your designated infrastructure under the expertise of industry proven and certified DesTech professionals.

Our senior team of Canadian-based, onshore technology experts are experienced in providing full infrastructure support across Database, Operating System, and Virtualization tiers.

Whether it’s Engineered Systems, On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid, leverage DesTech’s 30+ years of IT service excellence and remove the mundane and time-consuming efforts from your regular task list to focus your energy on business-critical functions.

Our solution provides your organization with:


  • A vetted team that knows your IT systems, available 24*7 – crucial insurance for your mission-critical environments
  • Ongoing monitoring allowing for optimal performance, proactive maintenance and minimal downtime
  • Patching, issue avoidance and resolution; freeing up your team to support your business-critical functions
  • Expertise in maintaining an optimized infrastructure that provides speed, reliability, recoverability, and manageability
  • Reduced, predictable and affordable database management costs



The following features are included in all Service Plan Solutions:

  • 24/7 Systems Monitoring and on-call support on selected infrastructure
  • Ticketing system – Notification Log, repository for historical reference, team-wide visibility, severity
  • Priority access to the DesTech Services team
  • Front of line service for ad-hoc Professional Services requests
  • Minimum 15 regular business hours of built-in Professional Services
  • Discounted business and overtime hourly rates for Professional Services
  • DesTech Liaison with Oracle
  • Change Management
  • Documentation



Choose from one of four Service Plan Solutions based on your needs.

Each solution comes with a specific set of Oracle managed services features that can be customized to address your tech pain.


Get the infrastructure support you need across the Database, Virtualization, and Operating System tiers for your on-prem systems, whilst taking the load off your stretched IT team and putting it on the shoulders of qualified and experience DesTech experts.

What you get:

  • Access to a team that knows your environment and is available 24*7
  • Experts with real-time practical skills who will troubleshoot issues, optimize performance and security
  • Ongoing monitoring allows for pro-active maintenance and patching, thereby minimizing downtime and mitigating the risk of expensive emergency maintenance
  • Lower database management and headcount costs by transferring responsibility to a qualified Oracle managed services provider
  • More time for your organization to focus on other business critical needs and endeavours
  • Additional options include Best Practice Reviews, Security Audits, Penetration Testing

Improve the performance, reliability, and security of your database while also reducing your overhead costs. A DesTech Database Service Plan is the best insurance for your mission-critical workloads.


Leverage DesTech’s extensive knowledge and experience rolling out new cloud database applications or the migration of mission-critical systems to the cloud and let us support your Cloud infrastructure needs.

A DesTech Cloud Infrastructure Service Plan will give time back to your IT Team to focus on their core business-driven responsibilities rather than having to manage their own IT infrastructure.

Skilled DesTech resources are adept at managing complex cloud environments, which can be especially beneficial for organizations with limited IT resources.

Support includes:

  • Bare metal, virtual machines, DBaaS, storage, network and proactive capacity management
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting of system capacity, availability and performance
  • Scheduled and ad hoc patching and updates
  • License reviews and optimization


DesTech has instantiated, configured, and deployed ODAs with organizations in North America ranging from Public Sector to Global Insurance to World-wide manufacturing organizations. DesTech’s experts have a proven expertise with the product and understand how to get the most out of the Engineered System and avoid the pitfalls.

DesTech ODA Service plans can be tailored to your organizations needs and includes patching (at all levels) architecture optimization to ensure availability and DR as well as emergency response teams and performance Tuning.




World class performance, scalability and availability, designed specifically for the Oracle Database

Maximize your investment in the world’s premier Oracle Database machine by engaging DesTech experts to Migrate, Configure, Cost Optimize and Leverage all the Security options Exadata and ExaCC have available.

Why settle for a standard installation when DesTech can help your organization tap into the full power of Exadata and ExaCC?

From ensuring Best Practices, Redundancy and Encryption to architecting efficient solutions, planning B&R and DR scenarios to patching and emergency response teams, DesTech’s Exa experts power organizations to move beyond simply “keeping the lights on” and become Data Black Belts.


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