Chances are, your organization is under pressure to optimize the time and money needed to ensure your IT infrastructure is operating at its full potential and maximum efficiency.

Managing your businesses’ IT infrastructure is a sustained occupation that demands the full attention of a team of experienced professionals.

    Thanks to our partnerships with the top vendors of business-facing IT solutions, such as Oracle and Microsoft, DesTech is uniquely positioned to offer managed IT services across the technology stack thanks to our experienced, in-house, certified professionals.

    Since 1991, we’ve helped our clients manage their database, Exadata, ODA, and other systems like they were our own. We are proud of our track record of high satisfaction and low client turnover.



    Our senior team of DBA’s is experienced in providing full infrastructure support across the Database, Virtualization, and Operating System tiers. Whether it’s Oracle or SQL Server, our solutions provide your organization with:

    • A team that knows your environment and is available 24*7. They represent crucial insurance for your mission-critical workloads.
    • Ongoing monitoring allows for pro-active maintenance, thereby minimizing downtime.
    • Lower database management costs that are predictable and affordable.
    • Additional options include Best Practice Reviews, Security Audits, Penetration Testing.



    • Engineered Systems are expensive and complicated. Maximize your investment by optimizing this architecture for your business. Our experts can handle patching and issue resolution freeing up your team to support your business.
    • You can also leverage DesTech’s extensive architecting experience to maintain an optimized infrastructure that provides speed, reliability, recoverability, and manageability.
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