From vendor-specific consulting to application development, to cloud architecting, ongoing hosting, or database support services to advisory and compliance resolution – there is no facet of the business IT infrastructure that our services don’t touch.

Over the years, we’ve attracted and nurtured a vast pool of talent with expertise that spans well beyond core technologies such as Oracle or Microsoft. Whether it’s OCI, Exadata, ODA, Microsoft SQL, PeopleSoft, or Oracle E-Business Suite, we are confident in our ability to augment your current operations with our intimate knowledge of the enterprise technology landscape.

Suppose you’re more interested in building a customized application system to automate key processes that make your organization unique and competitive. In that case, our team has the expertise to do just this.

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CLOUD Migrations

DesTech can help you move your on-prem systems to the cloud or consolidate them on a Cloud Infrastructure. Why?


  • Autonomous – Leverage machine learning to automate routine tasks, deliver higher performance, better security, and improved operational efficiency. Free up more time to focus on building enterprise applications.
  • Consolidate and Improve – Get the latest releases; better performance through improved workloads, better iops
  • Data-Driven Insights – Analytics; new apps and services
  • Security and Continuity – Secure across all layers of stack; Identity Access Management (on-prem); DataSafe (Cloud)
  • Reduce Costs – DesTech-architected solutions are more efficient (and therefore cost-effective) through better iops, performance, scalability, plus new capabilities to enhance value.


    & Engineered System Support

    Infrastructure Development

    • DesTech has expertise in architecting small, medium and large scale databases as well as those requiring 7 X 24 support. We can work with you to develop and implement an optimal end-to-end database architecture utilizing Oracle technology that meets your business needs.


    • Our team of DBA’s are well versed in the Best Practices around database management including, upgrades, migrations, and infrastructure optimization.
    • Do not reinvent the wheel. DesTech has spent years developing a proven methodology for all key database management tasks including detecting and resolving database performance problems.

    Backup and Recovery Strategies

    • DesTech will evaluate your existing backup and recovery strategies to ensure that they are appropriate for your business needs. New backup and recovery strategies will be designed and presented if existing procedures prove to be insufficient.
    • We will also perform database recovery tests and workshops to ensure everyone is prepared in the event that disaster strikes.

    High Availability

    • It is critical that your organization has confidence that applications will be available when needed. We will architect and implement a high-availability solution that ensures 24×7 access to  critical application data. Systems that are reliable will maximize your investment and provide your organization with the competitive advantage they need.

    Engineered System Architecture and Support

    • Architecture and Integration Planning
    • Installation, Configuration, and Data Migration
    • Virtualization
    • High Availability Configurations utilizing RAC and Data Guard
    • Performance Optimization
    • Upgrades and Patches
    • Ongoing Support and Maintenance



    & Project-Based Support

    DesTech excels at leading or contributing to projects – both discrete time-limited and ongoing. Lean on our expert consultants to assist you with your enterprise applications, system development, business intelligence, infrastructure optimization, and more. Our experts carefully evaluate your goals with a holistic and objective viewpoint and work with you to determine the very best solutions, and this may involve:

    • Cloud implementation, migration, and support.
    • Application Design and Development
    • Automated Database and Infrastructure Monitoring Services
    • Business and System Analysis Services
    • Database Administration Services, Including Installation/Upgrade/ Configuration Services, Troubleshooting, Audits, Performance Tuning
    • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions
    • Emerging Technology Reviews and Feasibility Studies
    • Facilities and Infrastructure Management
    • Full Lifecycle Design and Build of Custom Solutions
    • Java and J2EE Programming
    • Patching

    Perfect for band-width constraints due to staffing shortages or simply to deal with a temporary influx of work.

    Assigning DesTech resources to your ongoing maintenance needs allows your team to focus on business goals critical to your success.



    • Sometimes the best way to ensure software applications deliver on your essential business needs is to build it yourself.
    • DesTech specializes in helping clients build feature-rich, robust applications.
    • Leverage our use of our technology partner’s leading-edge development tools to build more robust applications.
    • From concept to delivery – our team has the experience to deliver tremendous value with long-term benefit.


    • Technology is getting more complex, and few in-house resources can keep up. However, expert evaluations by DesTech provide accurate insight and recommendations for security, redundancy, design efficiencies, etc.
    • Technology investments are expensive. However, lack of optimization will lower the return on that investment.
    • Technology runs critical processes, and organizations need ongoing insight into those environments and their health. Business continuity depends on industry-standard security, B&R processes, and DR planning and execution.
    • We recommend using best practices to bring down costs and maximize license utilization.
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