Sick of High Turnover? Managed Services is the Antidote

Sep 14, 2023

The tech sector is grappling more than ever with the challenge of high turnover. Companies often invest significant resources in hiring and training their staff, only to see them leave once their skills have matured. This revolving door of talent can be as disruptive as it is costly as this constant turnover can be challenging for companies aiming to build and maintain a stable and efficient IT team.

Enter the DesTech Service Plan—an intelligent, long-term solution designed to remedy this issue. The plan offers a unique set of advantages that can significantly benefit companies with talent retention challenges.

Predictability for Billing and Service: The DesTech plan provides predictability in both cost and service delivery, ensuring that your IT budget remains stable and manageable.

Long-Term Service Commitment: Through no fault of their own, individual employees may seek new opportunities, but the DesTech team is committed to providing ongoing, consistent support, creating a reliable foundation for your operations.

Decades of Experience: Benefit from the wealth of experience DesTech brings to the table. With decades of expertise in IT services and database management, you’re tapping into a deep reservoir of knowledge.

Access to Industry Veterans: Your company gains access to a team of industry veterans who understand the nuances of IT infrastructure administration, offering valuable insights and solutions.

24/7 Support: Enjoy round-the-clock support, ensuring that your database needs are met promptly and efficiently, even during unexpected downtime.

Customized Plans: The DesTech Service Plan is tailored to your specific requirements, addressing all your database needs and more, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive solution. Options like built-in consulting hours and cybersecurity measures can be bundled into your plan should you require it.

Lowering high turnover in the tech sector can seem to be a Sisyphean challenge. The DesTech managed services plan offers a unique strategic approach to mitigate the disruptive effects of talent churn. By embracing the plan’s advantages your company can build a stable and efficient IT foundation while maintaining an internal IT team if needed.

Ready to explore how the DesTech Service Plan can transform your database management and help you navigate the high turnover landscape? Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive solutions at or (416) 368-8455.

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