Oracle Data Safe, A Database’s Best Friend

Oct 11, 2023

With security breaches from both internal and external forces becoming more and more common, there has never been a better time to integrate Oracle’s Data Safe into your database ecosystem. Data Safe is an OCI based service that provides a set of features to protect sensitive and regulated data in Oracle databases, for Standard and Enterprise Editions. Data Safe is a great option for unifying your security and simplifying your compliance.

The service is available at no extra cost for all OCI users and at a monthly fee for on-prem databases making it an extremely accessible way to improve your database security.


Data Safe provides features such as:

  • Data Masking
  • Audit Vault
  • Sensitive Data Discovery and Analysis
  • User Assessments
  • Advanced Security/Data Encryption
  • Database Firewall


Importantly, industry reports say that one-third of cyber-attacks are performed by internal bad actors and half of those are on databases. This means that having a proper view of who has access to what has never been more important. Adhering to the concept of “least privilege” is key in preventing malicious internal attacks, and is far easier with Data Safe than manually tracking down those overprivileged accounts and users.

You can easily configure all these features within the OCI console. Data Safe offers the convenience of scheduling periodic scans, setting personalized baselines, comparing different reports, and reviewing assessment history. It has rapidly emerged as an essential tool within Oracle Cloud, simplifying the process of identifying sensitive data and ensuring compliance.

Don’t forget that Data Safe comes at no extra cost for OCI targets, while non-OCI targets incur a monthly fee. While the software and its features are available for free, you will need people who are properly trained to utilize it in order to thoroughly protect your business’ data.

DesTech’s team of vastly experienced experts are able to handle all things Data Safe through the DesTech Service Plan, meaning your business can take advantage of all these features without overburdening your internal IT team. Click here to learn more or contact us directly to schedule a call.

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