Oracle Database Appliance Review – Is It Right For You?

Feb 15, 2012

oracle-database-appliance-toronto-resized-152We recently held an Oracle Database Appliance Seminar that attracted a record number of registrations for such an event. Speaking to the attendees provided interesting insight in how different organizations are evaluating the value of the Oracle Database Appliance.

There are two very distinct interest groups within each organization: the Technical Group and the Business Group.

Interests of the Technical Group

  • Support of the entire engineered system stack by a single vendor – Oracle
  • Simplified patching of the firmware, operating system, and Oracle software as a single Oracle supplied process
  • Simple installation and configuration of Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Ability to consolidate multiple databases currently residing on multiple servers onto a single platform
  • Redundant “everything”

Interests of the Business Group

  • “Pay as you grow” licensing model
  • “Pay for what you need” – The ability to buy a 24 core server but only pay for those extra cores when they are needed by the business processing demands.
  • Hardware CPU processing upgrades no longer require throwing out an old server and bringing in a new one. Simply activate new cores with no outage and avoid needless hardware purchases.
  • Migration of existing licenses to the ODA infrastructure is possible.

How DesTech Can Help

As a services company, DesTech understands the needs and priorities of the various stakeholders that would be involved in evaluating the value of the Oracle Database Appliance. We can assist your evaluation in many ways including hands-on reviews, in-depth seminars, and license migrations.

As both an authorized Oracle Database Appliance Reseller and a services organization with extensive Oracle infrastructure experience, we’re here to help you purchase, install, configure, migrate, and support your ODA infrastructure.

For more information, contact one of DesTech’s Oracle Licensing Specialists ( or 416-368-8455 / 1-866-368-8455).

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