Oracle Database Appliance Specs – What’s Under the Cover?

Jul 24, 2015

oracle-database-appliance-toronto-resized-152Simplicity and Power to the Extreme

The main attraction of the Oracle Database Appliance is in how it simplifies the management and growth of your Oracle infrastructure.  You can start with a single instance or you can configure your database infrastructure to utilize Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) for database failover protection.

On top of this, Oracle Support covers the entire database infrastructure – both hardware and software.  Never again will you have to deal with your hardware vendor pointing the finger at the software vendor and vice versa!

The real question is… “What Do I Get?”.  Ok… the real question is “How much?”.  You’ll have to call us for that answer but it is competitively priced!

Oracle Database Appliance Specifications

  • 4U Redundant Storage Server
  • 2 System Controllers (SC)
    • 2x Intel Xeon X5675 per System Controller (6 core, 3.06 GHz)
    • 96 GB memory per SC
    • 2x 500 GB Boot Disks
    • Shared Disk
      • 12 TB of triple-mirrored raw storage (4 TB Usable)
      • 24 x 3.5” dual-ported SAS/SATA/SSD disk slots
        • 20x 600 GB 15K RPM SAS
        • 4x 73 GB Solid State Storage for Redo Logs
  • Networking
    • 4 x 1GbE (external – public) per SC
    • 2x 1GbE (external – public) per SC
    • 2x 1GbE (internal – interconnect) for SC-to-SC
    • 2x 10GbE (external – public) per SC
    • All public ports bonded into dual pairs for aggregated bandwidth and failover
    • Service Processor:
      • 1x serial
      • 1x 1GbE
      • 1x VGA per SC
  • RAS Features
    • Triple mirroring on disks
    • Redundant backplane power
    • Hot swap SN modules, fans, disks, power supplies
  • Physical Dimensions
    • Weight = 160 lbs (72.6 kg)
    • HxWxL = 6.9”x19”x30.8” (17.5cm x 48.3cm x 78.2cm)
  • Power
    • Redundant power supply (can run on 1 power supply)
    • 2x 110-127VAC/12A or 2x 200-240VAC/7A

Simplified Expandability – Pay for What You Use 

The Oracle Database Appliance comes with 24 cores available but you can license as few as 2 and Oracle will throttle-back as required.  Add more cores simply by purchasing additional licenses and the Oracle Database Appliance will throttle-up and make use of the additional cores you have licensed.

For more information, contact one of DesTech’s Oracle Licensing Specialists (416-368-8455 / 1-866-368-8455) or click here

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