Oracle Exadata in Canada: Who Should You Be Talking To?

Jun 15, 2012

o_specplat_exadata_clrEngineered systems provide many advantages to organizations looking for maximum database performance.  They are integrated systems consisting of servers, storage, networking, and software components optimized to work together.

Oracle’s Engineered Systems

Oracle offers several engineered systems that address different processing needs:

  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Exalogic
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is designed for database environments that require extremely fast processing of very large amounts of data.  This access may be in OLTP or Data Warehousing environments or a consolidated mix of both types of workloads.

Look Behind The Curtain

The magic behind an engineered system such as this is the ability to more finely allocate processing to the component that makes the most sense.  For example, SQL generated I/O operations are pushed to the Exadata Storage Server where all disks can operate in parallel, minimizing data movement between storage and database servers, and reducing database server CPU consumption all at the same time.  Exadata further optimizes I/O by caching frequently accessed data that cannot be kept in memory caches in flash storage rather than traditional disks.

Oracle Exadata is offered in several configurations from the top-of-the-line X2-8 to a Quarter/Half/Full Rack configuration of X2-2.

As an example, the X2-8 features:

  • 160 CPU cores and 4 TB of memory for database processing workload
  • 168 CPU cores dedicated to SQL processing in storage
  • Two 8-socket database servers
  • 14 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers,
  • 40 Gb/s InfiniBand switches
  • Over 5 terabytes of Exadata Smart Flash Cache
  • Uncompressed I/O bandwidth of up to 75 GB/s per rack
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression that delivers 10x-15x compression ratios

With the ability to perform up to 1.5 million database i/o operations per second, the Exadata infrastructure can be scaled by connecting up to 8 X2-8 racks via InfiniBand cables and through Exadata Storage Expansion racks.  Go even bigger by adding additional InfiniBand switches!

Extreme Performance – It’s Not Just Hardware

We are strong believers in the fact that hardware alone is not THE solution to optimizing performance.  Putting you or I in Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren F1 car will not result in a Formula 1 Grand Prix victory.  It takes a combination of knowledge, experience, and equipment to attain optimal performance.

With the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, you now have hardware that works with your performance optimization design team.  Database and programatic designs meant to optimize performance are now enhanced by the hardware infrastructure where the data actually resides.

DesTech – Exadata Specialists and Authorized Reseller

DesTech is proud to be one of Oracle’s few Exadata Specialized partners and an Authorized Exadata Reseller.

With over 20 years of Oracle specific expertise in all the knowledge zones applicable to high-performance OLTP, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence based systems, we are well suited to provide your organization with independent and real-world advice on your options regarding Exadata.

Give us a call at 1-866-368-8455 or visit this page for more information.

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