Oracle Exadata X8: The Flagship Platform to Run Your Oracle Databases

Jun 24, 2019

Oracle’s Engineered Systems have been the logical place to run your Oracle databases for some time – and Exadata is the most powerful of these platforms.  The key value proposition is that with Engineered Systems the software, compute, networking, and storage components are all engineered by Oracle to work together seamlessly.

Given Oracle owns the IP for the entire stack, the software can use specific algorithms to implement enhanced capabilities to deliver higher performance at lower cost.

Exadata was designed to support all types of workloads: transaction processing, data warehousing, analytics, and consolidated mixed workloads.

New with Oracle Exadata X8

  • Dramatic performance gains. Up to 60% faster throughout than previous models
  • Increased IOPS offers up to 7x faster OLTP throughout
  • 40% increase in storage capacity. Each Exadata X8 EF storage server has over 50TB of raw flash capacity; HC and XT storage servers have over 160 TB of raw disk capacity
  • Extended Storage option for petabytes of low-use data storage
  • Up to 28.5 TB of Memory
  • High Performance Networking: Supporting up to 400 gigabits of client connectivity over multiple 25 Gigabit Ethernet links

With no performance bottlenecks or single points of failure, combined with flexible licensing options that grow with your needs, Oracle Exadata X8 is not to be ignored!

As Certified Oracle Exadata Specialists, DesTech is here to support you from start to finish: in determining if this platform is a good fit for your organization all the way through to putting the system into production use with ongoing Managed Service options available.

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