Oracle Software Licensing: Separating Myth from Reality

Apr 21, 2011

buying-mythsIn all our years of reselling Oracle software, several common misconceptions appear repeatedly.  Before making any decisions about database software purchases, it is to your advantage that you be aware of the truth behind these misconceptions.


Buying directly from Oracle gets me a better price by eliminating the “middle-man”.

False!  Oracle has formal policies in place to ensure that a truly competitive environment exists between Oracle and it’s resell partners.  DesTech has the ability to obtain any of the discounts that are attainable through Oracle.

Buying at the end of Oracle’s fiscal year will get you the biggest discount.

False! There is a common misconception that the best deals can be made at the end of Oracle’s fiscal year.  This stems from the thought that Oracle Sales Reps are desperate to make their yearly number and will do whatever is necessary to close a deal.  The reality is that the same discounting process and conditions are applied throughout the year.

Oracle is the most expensive database software on the market.

False! This is a common misconception that stems from the fact that Oracle’s database is arguably the most feature rich and reliable database on the market.  In fact, Oracle Standard Edition One is one of the cheapest database products available.  Not only that, you also get an incredibly powerful application development system included for free – Oracle Application Express (APEX).

Oracle is ONLY meant for Government and Fortune 500 companies.

False! Oracle can certainly handle the needs of large, mission critical, 7×24 database requirements but it can also handle the needs of any small business.  The advantage of using Oracle is that, regardless of your current needs, you can grow with a technology that is the same regardless of the size and complexity of the underlying needs.  Use features as you require them – some are free to use in all versions and some require additional licensing fees in order to remain compliant.  Your technical team need only learn how to use the new features – everything else they know about Oracle is still valid.

Only Oracle can understand my complex licensing requirements.

False! A good reseller, especially one like DesTech that has multiple lines of business around Oracle technology, will have specialists that are well trained in the intricacies of Oracle licensing.  Our licensing specialists can work with you on short-term, mid-term and long-term licensing strategies to ensure that you get the most value from your Oracle license purchase. At DesTech, we’re very proud that our specialists are long time employees.  This continuity allows us to build strategic partnerships with our clients to satisfy your needs over the long term.

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