SQL Server 2012 Training Review: What’s Best For Me?

Apr 19, 2012

sql_2012_web_smallSoon after the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft unveiled new courses that include features of the new product.

Where To Start if You’re New To SQL Server

If you are new to SQL Server, the best starting place is course 10774.  This is a brand-new 5-day course that introduces you to the product, its tools, and its architecture.  Starting with the simplest SELECT statements, the course takes you through joins, sorting and filtering, grouping and aggregation, as well as datatypes and functions.  Coverage includes an entire module on the powerful windowing ranking and offset functions.  The course concludes with modules on fundamental programming constructs, such as stored procedures, error handling, and transactions.  The prerequisites for this course are minimal – only a working knowledge of databases and Windows is needed.

Where To Start if You’re Interested in SQL Server Administration

If you know your way around a query, and are mostly interested in SQL Server Administration, then course 10775 is for you.  After pre-testing the hardware, you will install and configure SQL Server 2012.  You will create databases with regard to load balancing and recovery, and much time is taken to discuss the critical functions of backup and restore.  You will learn security, auditing, and automation, ending with monitoring and troubleshooting.  Our lead SQL Server Instructor was privileged to work on this course as a Technical Reviewer, and strongly believes that it’s a rock-solid introduction to SQL Server Administration, no matter what release you might have.

For The Database Programmer…

For those interested in database programming, look to course 10776.  It covers datatypes, table and index creation, and how to read and interpret execution plans.  After discussing stored procedures and functions, it covers triggers, views, and managed code, and ends with XML , spatial, and Full-Text queries.  Before you register for this course, you should take course 10774 or have the equivalent knowledge, since it picks up from where that one leaves off.  Our lead SQL Server Instructor was also a Technical Reviewer for 10776, and thinks it is well built and extremely useful.

Cloud-based solutions are changing business, and transforming the nature of IT.  Your company may have started its journey to the cloud, and you’ll find that in each of these courses, some or many of the exercises and labs are SQL Azure enabled.

Course Registration and More Information

For more information on DesTech’s SQL Server 2012 course offerings, please click here or contact one of our Education Specialists at education@destech.com / 416-368-8455 / 1-866-368-8455.

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