The reports of the death of Siebel are grossly exaggerated

May 24, 2022

The reports of the death of Siebel are grossly exaggerated


Strange to think that in 2014 I wrote an article on the subject of “a battle for the ages” – Siebel vs the new kid on the block. Strange also to think that I also spent time debunking the various theories that circulated at the same time – Siebel is dead, Siebel is not going to be worked on. And now, a mere 8 years later Siebel, like our site, is still here and is going from strength to strength.

It’s telling how much effort and investment has gone into Siebel – the arrival of the cloud-friendly architecture, the no-down-time development model, the standards-based browser interface, I could go on.

I headlined this article with an oft-misquoted remark and here’s another one. “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can buy it, maybe you can use…Siebel.” The acceptance, from all sides, that the power of the platform makes it the “go-to” choice for the most complex and mission-critical business processes, never wavered. Siebel’s data model is second to none.

Perhaps the one area where Siebel customers might feel a little short-changed is regards to education. The training courses offered publicly by the product vendor are all stuck in version 15.5 (or 16 if you really push it). Anyone on the new architecture (17 and above) struggles to find quality training resources. And that’s where we come in. has developed and commercialises a complete set of training – live, virtual, recorded for every Siebel need, all bang up to date and kept that way (currently on 22.3) with practical labs, slides, machines to work on – just what you would expect from a premium training provider:

  • Siebel Developer Essentials
  • Siebel Integration
  • Siebel Upgrade
  • Siebel Administration
  • Siebel Open UI Basics and Professional
  • Siebel Product Administration and Pricing
  • Siebel Workshop
  • Siebel Public Sector

And more on the way (

And when it comes to servicing the thriving Siebel community in Ontario, we’re proud to have a long-term partnership with DesTech in Toronto. With the improvements in conditions and the loosening of travel restrictions, we’re ready to get back into the classroom (indeed we started a couple of weeks ago). So now is the time to invest in bringing your Siebel skillset bang up to date.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!
Richard Napier

To find out which course(s) matches your requirements, please contact DesTech:

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