The Siebel Cloud Experience

Sep 20, 2022

The Siebel Cloud Experience

Five years ago, mentioning Siebel and Cloud in the same sentence might have seemed a little presumptuous. But today in 2022, the Siebel ecosystem is in a very different place. Let’s look at what has happened in the interim:

The User Experience Revolution

Siebel Open UI, designed for modern user experiences and capable of presenting business data in just about any format imaginable, has completely changed the way we think about designing for maximum user adoption and impact. Partners have jumped on the new freedom that this provides. The Siebel Open UI API allows customers to imagine just about any UX they can think of. Oracle provides a large set of overview documentation for both technical and functional resources, for example at this address

The Parallel Development Experience

The arrival of the rebuilt Siebel architecture in 2017 (five years ago!) was really the starting point for the acceleration of the Siebel to Cloud initiative. To work with a Siebel environment today is to work with a parallel development, zero compile-time platform that has a robust set of REST APIs for automation of the delivery process, and a complete built-in test automation platform. Siebel Web Tools is maturing into a strong, browser-based front end for the developer with a rich back-end for customers who are deep into the agile methodology. Customers can start to learn the basics online at this address

The Installation, Deployment and Migration Experience

Five years ago, installing Siebel meant using virtual CDROM images, updating meant laborious patches and downtime, and deployment meant mastering tools like dev2prod which honestly were not the most flexible. Today, Siebel can run in a Kubernetes cluster, on public cloud or On-premises with Kafka integration for event-driven streaming. And the Siebel Cloud Native roadmap is continued proof (if proof was needed) that Oracle invests in Siebel and continues to see it as a core CX platform.

All this acceleration and agility means that customers and partners need to stay abreast of the revolution that is happening (or indeed, has already happened!). To avoid being left behind, we offer a whole range of targeted training for Siebel 22 (and which can be tailored for any version from 15 to 22, offered in English or French). Our unique offerings are always up to date with rolling updates to ensure you never miss content from the most recent releases.

The User Experience: Open UI

  • Siebel Open UI Basics 3 Days
  • Siebel Open UI Professional 2 Days

The Development Experience: Parallel Development Tools

  • Siebel Developer Essentials 1 5 Days
  • Siebel Developer Essentials 2 5 Days
  • Siebel Workshop (for customers coming from < 17) 3-5 days depending on content and audience

The Installation, Deployment and Migration Experience

  • Siebel Workshop 3-5 days depending on content and audience
  • Siebel Administration 2 Days
  • Siebel Integration 3 Days
  • Siebel Business Analyst 5 Days
  • Custom Siebel Migration Workshops 3 Days

Other Major Titles

  • Siebel Customer Order Management: Product Administration 2 Days
  • Siebel Customer Order Management: Order Management Infrastructure 2 Days
  • Siebel Customer Order Management: Pricing Administration 2 Days
  • Siebel Public Sector: 5 Days

Interested in attending one or more of these impactful training courses?

Please contact DesTech for more details or to register:


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