Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Advanced Configuration for Oracle



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Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Advanced Configuration for Oracle

Enrolling in this Oracle GoldenGate 12c training will help you develop your installation and configuration skills. You will be able to ask questions as you learn to solidify your understanding.

Duration: 4 Days


  • Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle


  • Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Designers
  • Process Developers
  • System Integrators

Learning Objectives

  • Master Oracle GoldenGate facilities to detect and resolve data conflicts in active-to-active replication implementations
  • Perform zero-downtime database migration
  • Familiarize data conflict avoidance techniques
  • Set up and manage advanced deployment models, such as 3-node multi-master replication configurations
  • Integrate Oracle GoldenGate with Oracle cluster configurations
  • Use a simulated Oracle RAC configuration to experiment with the Oracle GoldenGate Clusterware-aware facilities, which ensure seamless data replication in case of node failure
  • Explain Oracle GoldenGate Advanced Configuration options
  • Describe and take advantage of the Integrated Capture feature to extract complex data types and compressed data
  • Introduce the new Integrate Replicat feature for improved data delivery
  • Configure and implement the Oracle GoldenGate Event Marker system, to enable data transformation based on event records in the transaction logs or in the trail files
  • Integrate the Database File System (DBFS) with Oracle GoldenGate to achieve Maximum Availability


  • Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Capture/Integrated Delivery
  • Oracle Goldengate With Oracle Real Application Clusters Configuration
  • Oracle GoldenGate Event Marker System
  • Data Mapping, Data Selection/Filtering and Data Transformation
  • Custom Behavior Through User Exits
  • Configuring Zero-Downtime Migration Replication
  • Bidirectional Replication: Two-Node Configuration
  • Conflict Detection and Resolution – Custom Techniques
  • Multi-Master Replication Topology – Three-Node Configuration
  • Active Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate
  • How to achieve Maximum Availability
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