Totality is not an overstatement for DesTech. Centered around the Oracle technology stack, we provide all the necessary skills, knowledge, expertise, and advice you need to take a total approach to your IT solutions.



DesTech has a comprehensive set of technology related services available to meet your business requirements.

One word that describes us: Totality. Since 1991, DesTech has been a solutions-driven provider of comprehensive Oracle IT services for businesses and professionals across the board. From Oracle professional IT services to Oracle technology acquisition to Oracle managed infrastructure services, we empower our partners by ensuring that their Oracle IT systems support their critical business functions – and isn’t holding them back.



A team of certified experts to help you

DesTech is here to support your business all the way. At the start of your journey, we can help you by translating your business requirements into a technical solution. Afterward, we can help you audit your current infrastructure for compliance, potential cost-savings, and opportunities – and, in the end, by ensuring your solutions continually function at the most cost-effective and rewarding level.


We will work with you to analyze your business needs and architect a technical solution that is best suited.


We will work with you to analyze your business needs, help procure any hardware and/or software required, and architect a technical solution that is best suited.


Get the most out of your technology. Take one of our scheduled classes in person or online or let us build you a custom training solution.


Ongoing Managed Service offerings can be tailored to ensure your team can focus on tasks that move your business forward.

Your Trusted Cloud Experts

DesTech’s cloud experts can work with your team to identify the approach to cloud technologies that fit best within your strategic framework. We can ensure that any challenges are resolved to guarantee that your adoption of cloud technologies is implemented with a clear roadmap that meets your defined goals.

 In a nutshell, DesTech’s team can address your specific cloud requirements within a framework that keeps the business goals driving cloud adoption “top of mind”.

Reach out to us at to find out what we can do for you.



Founded in 1991, DesTech is a technology services company that specializes in professional services, technical education, managed services, and hardware/software license sales.
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