With so many variables, stakeholders, and moving parts to consider, finding the perfect Oracle hardware and software solutions to help drive your business is no easy task.

Whether it’s Oracle hardware or software solutions, acquiring the most relevant and cost-effective technology for your organization requires an honest audit of the current state of your ecosystem as well as broad knowledge of the market landscape.

Thanks to the vendor partnerships and expertise developed since 1991, we have the in-depth knowledge needed to help clients acquire the best technical solutions to meet their business requirements with an eye towards their bottom line.

Our services don’t end there. By proving our excellence and commitment to your cause, we aim to inspire your confidence and build long-term relationships.




Our team of professionals can assist you from “idea-to-deployment” by helping select the right architecture to meet your business objectives and assist with contract negotiations and procurement for:





Our team is well versed in license cost-of-ownership optimization, migrations, and consolidation strategies. We can simplify the software purchasing process by negotiating on your behalf to help you acquire the licenses you require:

  • Oracle Core Technology Software and Options
  • High-Availability solutions
  • Replication solutions
  • Weblogic Middleware
  • Security Options including Sophos Endpoint Protection and Oracle Advanced Security
  • Cloud Deployment Infrastructure



License Compliance & Usage Review



DesTech’s LicenseRight program provides you with Independent Advisory Services that give you visibility to your license entitlements versus actual deployments.

  • License Assessment and Detailed Software Audit
  • Compliance Resolution: Review any areas of concern and provide remediation services to ensure compliance
  • Cost Containment: Identify over-licensing issues and implement cost savings strategies
  • Assistance with contract review/negotiation




You can rely on our experts to ensure that you clearly understand your workloads and the options available to you. Whether it’s Oracle Cloud, AWS, or Azure, our team follows best practices to assess, recommend, design, migrate and maintain your chosen Cloud strategy and solution. Because we:

  • Provide an independent impact and cost analysis.
  • Combine the right blend of cloud and on-premise infrastructure to meet your business objectives.
  • Draft a cost, detailed, and justified roadmap on migrating all or part of your infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Procure the necessary cloud subscriptions for you based on clearly defined requirements.
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