JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost Accounting Rel 9.2



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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost Accounting Rel 9.2

Description: The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost Accounting training teaches you the fundamentals of establishing and setting up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost system. This helps you track and manage job progress, calculate projected costs and revenues and create transactions that affect jobs.

Learn To:

  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Job Cost system
  • Set up cost code structures
  • Create budgets for jobs
  • Manage job progress
  • Review job-related information
  • Calculate projected final costs and profits

Duration: 3 Days

Course Objectives:


  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager



Setting Up Job Cost System

  • Describing the Components of Setting Up the Job Cost System
  • Identifying User Defined Codes for Job Cost
  • Setting up Job Cost System Constants
  • Defining the Automatic Accounting Instructions for the Job Cost System
  • Work With Ledger Types for the Job Cost System
  • Setting Up Next Numbers for the Job Cost System
  • Defining Supplemental Data for the Job Cost System

Creating a Job Master Record

  • Describing a Job Master Record
  • Working with a Job Master Record
  • Creating a Job Master Record

Setting Up Code Structures

  • Describing a Cost Code Structure
  • Creating a Cost Code Structure
  • Assigning Alternate Sequences
  • Setting up a Cost Code Schedule

Budgeting for Jobs

  • Describing a Job Budget
  • Creating an Original Job Budget
  • Revising an Original Budget

Creating Transactions that Affect Jobs

  • Processing Journal Entries
  • Entering Accounts Payable Vouchers
  • Processing Accounts Payable Vouchers
  • Processing Purchase Order Vouchers with Commitments
  • Processing Subcontract Orders with Commitments

Working with Job Status Inquiry

  • Describing the Job Cost Inquiry Program
  • Working with a Job
  • Setting Up the Job Status Inquiry - User Defined Columns Program

Managing Job Progress

  • Describing Job Progress
  • Defining Methods of Computation
  • Managing Job Progress

Performance Based Labor Forecasting Information

  • Entering Performance Base Labor Progress Information

Estimating Profit Recognition

  • Describing Profit Recognition
  • Estimating Profit Recognition
  • Creating Profit Recognition Journal Entries
  • Managing Profit Recognition

Setting Up the Change Management System Foundation

  • Setting Up Change Request Detail Status Codes
  • Setting Up Change Request Job Specific UDCs

Describing The Change Request Process

  • Describing Change Requests
  • Entering Change Requests
  • Managing Planned Change Orders
  • Managing Change Orders
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