DP050T00: Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure

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Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure

In this course, you will explore the 7 R objectives of data platform modernization. You will learn the reasons why you should choose each objective and why each objective is most suitable for a variety of different business requirements. You will also explore each phase of the data platform modernization process and define what tasks are involved at each stage.

Duration: 2 Days


  • Professional experience in SQL Server
  • Azure Fundamentals course or equivalent technical knowledge


  • Data Professionals and Data Architects who want to learn about migrating data platform technologies that exist on Microsoft Azure and how existing SQL based workloads can be migrated and modernized
  • Individuals who manage data platforms or develop applications that deliver content from the existing data platform technologies

Learning Objectives

  • Understand data platform modernization
  • Discover the Database Migration Guide
  • Build your data estate inventory using Map Toolkit
  • Identify migration candidates using Data Migration Assistant
  • Evaluate a data workload using Database Experimentation Assistant
  • Migrate data using Azure Database Migration Service
  • Migrate non-SQL Server workloads to Azure using SQL Migration Assistant
  • Implement high availability and disaster recovery scenarios
  • Choose the right SQL Server Instance option in Azure
  • Migrate SQL Server to Azure SQL DB offline
  • Load and move data to Azure SQL Database
  • Evaluate migration scenarios to SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Migrate to SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Load and move data to SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Discuss application configuration and optimization


  • Introducing Data Platform Modernization
  • Choose the Right Tools for Data Migration
  • Migrating SQL Workloads to Azure Virtual Machines
  • Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure SQL Databases
  • Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
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