MD101T00: Managing Modern Desktops

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Managing Modern Desktops

In this course, learn how to plan and implement an operating system deployment strategy using modern deployment methods, as well as how to implement an update strategy. You will be introduced to key components of modern management and co-management strategies, and what it takes to incorporate Microsoft Intune into your organization. You will also learn about methods for deployment and management of apps and browser-based applications. Learn the key concepts of security in modern management including authentication, identities, access, and compliance policies. You will be introduced to technologies such Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, as well as how to leverage them to protect devices and data.

Duration: 5 Days


  • Familiar with M365 workloads
  • Strong skills and experience of deploying, configuring, and maintaining Windows 10 and later, and non-Windows devices
  • MD-100T00: Windows Client course (recommended)


  • Modern Desktop Administrators

Learning Objectives

  • Plan, develop, and implement an Operating System deployment, upgrade, and update strategy
  • Understand the benefits and methods of co-management strategies
  • Plan and implement device enrollment and configuration
  • Manage and deploy applications and plan a mobile application management strategy
  • Manage users and authentication using Azure AD and Active Directory DS
  • Describe and implement methods used to protect devices and data


  • Modern Management
  • Device Enrollment
  • Configuring Profiles
  • Application Management
  • Managing Authentication in Azure AD
  • Managing Security
  • Deployment using Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Managing Updates and Using Analytics
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