Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop



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Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop

This training teaches you how to provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud that is suitable for your workload and requirements. This is a great starting point for developers, administrators, architects and anyone who wants to learn about the first Autonomous Database in the market.

Duration: 3 Days

Learning Objectives

  • Provision Autonomous Database instance
  • Use Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database
  • Identify the typical workflow for using Autonomous Database
  • Work with data sets
  • Monitor and manage Autonomous Database Cloud service instances
  • Load data into service instances


  • Introduction
  • Overview of Autonomous Databases
  • Creating an Autonomous Database on Shared Exadata Infrastructure
  • Managing Autonomous Database Using OCI Console
  • Connecting to Autonomous Database
  • Development and Administration Tools for Autonomous Database
  • Data Loading
  • Querying External Data with Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Moving Data from Autonomous Databases
  • Backing Up and Restoring an Autonomous Database
  • Cloning & Moving Autonomous Database to a Different Compartment
  • Managing and Monitoring Performance
  • Maintenance Activities for Autonomous Databases on Shared Exadata Infrastructure
  • Autonomous Database with Private Endpoint on Shared Exadata Infrastructure
  • Sending Mail with Email Delivery on Autonomous Database
  • Managing an Autonomous Database Using Command Utilities and APIs
  • Wallet Security, Data Safe, and Oracle Database Vault
  • Enabling Autonomous Data Guard
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