Oracle Database 19c: Data Mining Techniques



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Oracle Database 19c: Data Mining Techniques

This is a newly curated course that covers the aspect of Data Warehousing Techniques, related to the latest release of Oracle Database (19c).

Duration: 2 days

Learn how to:

  • Create a User Account for Data Miner in Your Database
  • Create a Data Miner User Connection
  • Install the Data Miner Repository
  • Create a Data Miner Project and Workflow
  • Create Classification Models
  • Create Regression Models
  • Create Clustering Models
  • View Model Results and Applying the Model
  • Create an Association Rules Model
  • Modify the Source Data and Rebuilding the Model
  • Apply Model Rule Filters
  • Create an Anomaly Detection Model


  • Data Mining Concepts and Terminology
  • The Data Mining Process
  • Introducing Oracle Data Miner
  • Using Classification Models
  • Using Clustering Models
  • Performing Market Basket Analysis
  • Performing Anomaly Detection
  • Deploying Data Mining Results
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