Oracle Database Appliance Release 18c Overview



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Oracle Database Appliance Release 18c Overview

The course covers planning, installation, and deployment of Oracle Database Appliance, Release 18c. You will learn how Oracle Database Appliance compares to other Oracle engineered systems and the advantages of using Oracle Database Appliance. After reviewing and planning for a new deployment, you will utilize the Web Console to deploy a bare metal appliance and the Oracle Appliance Configuration Manager tool to generate a deployment plan configuration for a virtualized appliance.

Duration: 2 Days


  • Knowledge and understanding of Oracle Database 18c, including Automatic Storage Management, Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System, and Real Application Clusters
  • Working knowledge of Unix/Linux along with a general understanding of networking, storage, and system administration concepts
  • Oracle Database: Administration Workshop (suggested)
  • Oracle Database: Backup and Recovery Workshop (suggested)
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware Administration (suggested)
  • Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration (suggested)
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: ASM Administration (suggested)
  • Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration (suggested)
  • Oracle Linux System Administration I (suggested)


  • Database Administrators
  • Engineered Systems Administrators
  • Support Engineers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Systems Analysts
  • Technical Administrators

Learning Objectives

  • Describe an Oracle Database Appliance engineered system
  • Prepare for Oracle Database installation and deployment
  • Rack and cable a new Oracle Database Appliance engineered system
  • Configure Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager
  • Power on the system for the first time and define network options
  • Deploy a bare metal platform for single-node and multi-node machines
  • Understand backup and recovery options and configure backup and recovery
  • Validate Oracle Appliance Manager software version
  • Download and install the latest Oracle Database Appliance patch bundle to update the appliance
  • Download and install the latest Oracle Database Appliance RDBMS Software Clone files to update the databases
  • Re-image the operating system
  • Deploy virtualized platform for multi-node machines
  • Download and install the latest Oracle Database Appliance base template for virtualized platform deployments


  • Introduction to Oracle Database Appliance
  • Introduction to Deployments
  • Preparing for Deployments
  • Bare Metal Deployments
  • Patching Bare Metal Deployments
  • Managing Databases
  • Oracle Database Appliance Backup and Recovery
  • Administering Bare Metal Deployments
  • Introduction to Virtualized Platform Deployments
  • Preparing for OVM Virtualized Platform Deployments
  • Virtualized Platform Deployments
  • Patching in a Virtualized Platform
  • Managing Databases
  • Administering Virtualized Platform Deployments
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