Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: JMS Administration



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Jul 2, 202411:0007:00EDTLive Virtual Class4$4,000 USDPurchase
Jul 2, 202411:0007:00EDTLive Virtual Class4$4,000 USDPurchase
Oct 8, 202409:0005:00EDTLive Virtual Class4$4,000 USDPurchase


Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: JMS Administration

Enterprise messaging using Java Messaging Service (JMS) provides a reliable, flexible service for the asynchronous exchange of critical business data and events throughout an enterprise. The JMS API defines a common set of messaging concepts and programming strategies that is supported by all JMS technology-compliant messaging systems. The JMS API enhances the Java EE platform by simplifying enterprise development, allowing loosely coupled, reliable, asynchronous interactions among Java components and also with other legacy systems capable of messaging.

Duration: 4 Days


  • Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I


  • Developers
  • Support Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Technical Consultants

Learning Objectives

  • Configure JMS servers
  • Configure JMS queues, topics, and connections
  • Configure JMS persistent storage
  • Pause and resume JMS services
  • Configure distributed queues and topics
  • Deploy JMS to configured and dynamic clusters
  • Configure automatic whole server migration
  • Configure and initiate JMS service migration
  • Monitor and tune JMS performance
  • Troubleshoot JMS problems


  • Java Messaging Concepts
  • Basic Configuration
  • Message Monitoring and Management
  • Persistence, Transactions, and Durability
  • Distributed Destinations
  • Server Migration
  • Service Migration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Troubleshooting
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