Oracle Data Modeling and Relational Database Design



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Data Modeling and Relational Database Design

This course enables technical and business users of any relational database to create graphical data models that capture business requirements and rules, and then transform those models into logical and physical database designs. The graphical models promote understanding and ensure compliance with user specifications; the logical and physical diagrams facilitate designs that optimize performance. The workshop style of this class employs real-world examples and emphasizes flexible solutions that accommodate a variety of business problems and diverse system architectures.

Duration: 4 Days


  • Basic understanding of relational database concepts (suggested)


  • Application Developers
  • Business and System Analysts
  • Business Project Managers
  • Data Architects
  • Database Administrators

Learning Objectives

  • Construct graphical data models that capture information requirements and business rules
  • Identify patterns in data and data usage that will impact your production environment
  • Recognize which design options will bring the greatest speed to your applications
  • Create logical and physical database designs that take advantage of your system’s capabilities
  • Build maintainable databases that perform predictably


  • Graphical Data Modeling
  • Database Design
  • Building a Process Model (Data Flow Diagram)
  • Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler to Create Your Process Model (Data Flow Diagram)
  • Validating Your Process Model (Data Flow Diagram)
  • Identifying Entities and Attributes
  • Identify Relationships
  • Assign Unique Identifiers
  • Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler to Create the Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Validating your Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Normalizing your Data Model
  • Validating Relationships
  • Adding and Using Data Types
  • Map Your Entity Relationship Diagram to a Relational Database Design
  • SQL Developer Data Modeler
  • Defining Your Physical Model
  • Generating Your Database
  • Altering an Existing Design
  • Working in a Collaborative Environment
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