Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional: Hands-on Workshop



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Call for In Class or Live Virtual Dates4$4,000 USDPurchase


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Professional : Hands On Workshop

Learn about microservices and cloud native applications on OCI from conception to implementation.

The OCI Developer Professional certification helps you acquire the skills needed to deploy, build, and operate cloud native applications using OCI services.

The learning path includes an end-to-end workshop that provides a hands-on experience on breaking down an on- premises monolithic application using a microservices- based architecture pattern and migrating the application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Duration: 4 days

Learning Objectives

  • Unlock the potential that Oracle Cloud has to offer towards cloud native application development.Open new business prospects with the speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of cloud native development.For your company to survive while also differentiating itself from its competitors, adjusting and iterating quickly is a business necessity. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has the elasticity and on-demand capabilities to transition any business to cloud native.
  • Explain the “Oracle Cloud Native” value proposition
  • Describe cloud native and DevOps concepts and methodologies
  • Describe and use OCI serverless components
  • Learn about the OCI services that facilitate cloud native development
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