PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Rel 9.2



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Oct 17, 202209:0005:00EDTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase
Dec 5, 202209:0005:00ESTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase

PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Rel 9.2

Description: This PeopleSoft Benefits Administration Rel 9.2 training will teach you how to establish and maintain automated benefits programs in PeopleSoft Benefits Administration. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors through hands-on learning.

Learn To:

  • Establish and maintain automated benefits programs
  • Manage eligibility and event requirements
  • Establish validations across plan types
  • Manage employee enrollment
  • Process open enrollment and on-going event maintenance
  • Set up eBenefits to process enrollments and life events

Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Running the Snapshot eligibility process
  • Describing Benefits Administration
  • Setting up automated benefit programs with eligibility and event rules
  • Enrolling employees automatically into benefit plans
  • Administering and manage open enrollment
  • Establishing validations across plan types
  • Managing employee benefits with multiple events, self-service, and multiple jobs
  • Processing Event Maintenance


  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager


  • Thorough understanding of Benefits control tables
  • Practical experience with open enrollment benefits process
  • Experience with enrolling employees into benefit programs and plans
  • Basic understanding of payroll processing


Reviewing the Benefits Business Process

  • Identifying the differences between Base Benefits and Benefits Administration
  • Explaining the Base Benefits Process
  • Identifying the Base Benefits Foundation Tables
  • Describing the Base Benefits Building Blocks
  • Defining a Benefit Program and Listing the Benefit Program Records
  • Describing the Components that make up a Benefits Adminstration Program
  • Explaining Flexible Credits
  • Defining Cross-Plan Validation

Setting Up Automated Benefits Programs

  • Activating Benefits Administration
  • Determining the Benefits Administration Start Date
  • Identifying the Fields Activated with Benefits Administration

Setting Up Eligibility for Automated Benefits Programs

  • Defining Benefit Eligibility Rules
  • Setting Up Employee Eligibility Criteria
  • Using Configurable Parameters
  • Identifying Employee Eligibility Overrides

Setting Up Events for Automated Benefit Programs

  • Defining Events in Benefits Administration
  • Identifying Benefits Administration Actions
  • Identifying Event Classes
  • Defining Event Rules
  • Examining Default Methods
  • Setting Up Event Rules for Open Enrollment

Creating an Automated Benefit Program Table

  • Building an Automated Benefit Program
  • Defining Plan Type and Options for a Program
  • Defining Costs and Credits for a Program

Setting Up Health Plans

  • Defining Eligibility Based on Employees’ Geographic Location
  • Creating Eligibility Criteria at the Benefit Option Level
  • Defining Event Processing Rules for Health Plans
  • Controlling the Display of Plan Types and Options

Setting Up Life Insurance and Disability Plans

  • Setting Up Event Rules for Life Insurance and Disability Plans
  • Cloning an Event Rule

Defining Credits

  • Defining Flexible Credits
  • Identifying Earning Codes and Programs Used for Flexible Credits
  • Setting Up Program General Credits
  • Setting Up Plan Type General Credits
  • Setting Up Option-Based Credits
  • Reviewing Employee Additional Pay Data

Setting Up Savings Plans

  • Defining Savings Plan Event Rules

Setting Up Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Defining a Conbtribution Frequency and Annual Limits
  • Defining Event Rules for Flexible Spending Accounts

Setting Up Vacation Buy and Sell Plans

  • Setting Up Vacation Buy and Sell Deductions
  • Describing the Impact of Vacation Buy and Sell Plans on Leave Accrual Balances
  • Defining Earnings Codes for Vacation Buy and Sell
  • Viewing Employee Vacation Benefit Enrollment
  • Reviewing Eligibility Rules for Vacation Buy and Sell

Reviewing Employee Records in Benefits Administration

  • Reviewing the Benefits Administration Process
  • Defining a Default Benefit Program
  • Describing the Difference Between Base Benefits and Benefits Administration Enrollments
  • Reviewing Employees’ Benefits Elections

Preparing for Open Enrollment

  • Creating Pay Calendars
  • Reviewing the Base Benefits Audit Report
  • Defining Benefits Administration Processing Groups
  • Setting Up an Open Enrollment Definition
  • Creating Benefits Administration Processing Schedules

Examining the Benefits Administration Process

  • Identifying Process Statuses at Each Phase of the Benefits Administration Process
  • Identifying Benefits Administration Processing Records
  • Describing Each Phase of the Benefits Administration Process

Running Open Enrollment

  • Identifying Open Enrollment Steps
  • Defining the Run Control Options for the Benefits Administration Process
  • Producing Benefits Enrollment Statements, Reprocessing Open Enrollment, and Reprinting Statements
  • Viewing Benefits Processing Records for Employees
  • Performing Employee Election Entry
  • Printing Confirmation Statements
  • Finalizing Open Enrollment
  • Preparing for Next Year's Open Enrollment

Using Cross Plan Validation

  • Setting Up Cross Plan Validation in a Benefit Program
  • Creating Domestic Partner or Non-Qualified Dependent Benefit Plans

Preparing and Running the Event Maintenance Process

  • Reviewing Event Classes and Identifying Event Triggers
  • Defining Benefit Statuses and Actions
  • Defining Event Classes
  • Defining and Updating Event Rules
  • Triggering Events for Event Maintenance
  • Identifying Event Maintenance Process Phases
  • Validating Elections and Finalizing Event Maintenance
  • Processing On-Demand Event Maintenance

Running the Snapshot Process

  • Defining the Snapshot Event Class
  • Defining the Snapshot Event Rules
  • Defining the Snapshot Definition
  • Defining the Snapshot Schedule
  • Running the Snapshot Process

Coordinating Multiple Events and Benefits Administration Troubleshooting

  • Coordinating Event Maintenance and Open Enrollment
  • Coordingating Multiple Benefits Events
  • Troubleshooting Errors in Benefits Administration

Using eBenefits with Benefits Administration

  • Explaining eBenefits Functionality
  • Definig eBenefits Setup
  • Defining Life Events Configuration
  • Using eBenefits for Enrollment

Using Multiple Jobs with Benefits Administration

  • Defining Multiple Jobs
  • Setting Benefit Record Numbers for Employees
  • Specifying Multiple Job Processing Options
  • Setting Multiple Job Options for Eligibility Rules
  • Setting Multiple Job Options for Geographic Location
  • Reviewing Eligibility with Multiple Jobs
  • Calculating Benefits Deductions for Multiple Jobs
  • Reviewing Processing Results
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