PeopleSoft Payroll – Canada Rel 9.2



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Sep 26, 202209:0005:00EDTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase
Nov 7, 202209:0005:00ESTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase

PeopleSoft Payroll - Canada Rel 9.2

This PeopleSoft Payroll - Canada Rel 9.2 training will teach you how to set up earnings codes, deduction codes, pay groups, a holiday schedule and tax locations. You'll also learn how to set up and maintain employee tax data, additional pay, general deductions and direct deposits.

Duration: 5 days

Learn To:

  • Set up payroll foundation tables
  • Set up customer-maintained tax tables
  • Create paysheets
  • Process on-cycle and off-cycle payrolls
  • Maintain employee level payroll data
  • Process benefit deductions
  • Set up balance IDs, pay calendars and pay run IDs
  • Create and update paysheets automatically, manually or by rapid entry method
  • Calculate payroll, review calculation results, identify and correct errors and confirm payroll
  • Produce paychecks and generate other payroll reports
  • Set up and processes benefit deductions and garnishments
  • Understand the employee self-service options available in PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay

Course Objectives:

  • Set up employee pay data
  • Create and update paysheets
  • Calculate and confirm payroll
  • Generate paychecks, payroll reports and general ledger distribution
  • Process off-cycle payroll events
  • Set up and process benefit deductions, garnishments, and other payroll events
  • Set up PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS foundation tables and payroll tables


  • Functional Implementer
  • Prerequisites:


  • Knowledge of Human Resources foundation tables
  • Knowledge of Benefits foundation tables
  • Knowledge of employee level data for HR and Benefits
  • Ability to run reports


Setting Up PeopleSoft HRMS Tables for Payroll Processing

  • Identifying HRMS Tables That Impact Payroll Processing
  • Describing Installation Table Setup for PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll for North America
  • Describing the Role of SetID, Location, and Department in Payroll Processing
  • Describing Company Table Setup
  • Describing Frequency and Compensation Setup
  • Setting Up Payroll Tables

Identifying Payroll Setup Tables

  • Setting Up Source Bank Accounts
  • Creating Special Accumulators
  • Setting Up Earnings Codes
  • Setting Up Earnings Programs
  • Describing Shift Pay Setup
  • Creating a Pay Group
  • Creating a Rate Code
  • Setting Up U.S. Payroll Tax Tables

Identifying Tax Table Maintenance Responsibility

  • Describing PeopleSoft-Maintained Tax Tables
  • Setting Up Customer-Maintained Tax Tables
  • Setting Up Employee Data

Identifying Sources of Employee Data

  • Setting Up an Employee Instance
  • Entering and Viewing Employee Job Data
  • Identifying Employee Pay Data
  • Updating Employee Tax Data
  • Assigning Additional Pay to Employees
  • Assigning General Deductions to Employees
  • Updating Payroll Options for Employees
  • Creating and Updating Paysheets

Describing Paysheets in Payroll for North America

  • Describing Balance ID Creation
  • Creating Pay Calendars
  • Setting Up Pay Run IDs
  • Creating Paysheets
  • Viewing and Updating Paysheets and Paylines
  • Describing the Payroll Unsheet Process
  • Calculating Payroll

Describing Payroll Calculation

  • Running Preliminary Payroll Calculation
  • Running Final Payroll Calculation
  • Confirming Payroll and Producing Checks and Reports

Confirming a Payroll

  • Viewing Confirmed Payroll Results Online
  • Printing Checks and Advices
  • Describing Check Reprinting
  • Describing Direct Deposit Transmittals and Reports
  • Describing Payroll and Tax Reports
  • Identifying Methods of Reversing Payroll Confirmation
  • Processing Off-Cycle Payrolls

Identifying Off-Cycle Payroll Processing

  • Reversing a Paycheck
  • Describing Reversal/Adjustment Processing
  • Recording a Manual Check
  • Producing an Online Check
  • Describing Retroactive Processing
  • Setting Up and Processing Additional Payroll Functionality

Setting Up a Holiday Schedule

  • Setting Up Advanced Earnings Options
  • Setting Up Multiple Jobs Processing
  • Setting Up and Processing Mid-period Job Changes
  • Processing Gross Ups
  • Setting Up and Processing Benefit Deductions in Payroll

Setting Up Deductions and Earnings for Benefits Calculations

  • Updating a Benefit Program and Enrolling Employees
  • Analyzing Benefits-Related Payroll Reports
  • Setting Up and Processing Garnishments

Identifying Garnishment Setup Steps

  • Describing PeopleSoft-Maintained Garnishment Tables
  • Setting Up Company-Level Tables for Garnishment Processing
  • Assigning an Employee Garnishment Deduction
  • Setting Up Employee Garnishment Specification Data
  • Reviewing Employee Garnishment History
  • Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay

Identifying ePay Transactions and Setup Requirements

  • Describing ePay Security Setup
  • Describing ePay Workflow Setup
  • Describing Setup for the Voluntary Deduction Transaction
  • Describing Setup for the View Paycheck Transaction
  • Describing Setup for Paycheck Modeler
  • Describing Setup for the Year End Form Transaction
  • Using ePay Self-Service Transactions


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