PeopleSoft Time and Labor – North America Rel 9.2



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Aug 22, 202209:0005:00EDTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase
Nov 14, 202210:0006:00ESTToronto - In Class or by Video Conference5$5,000 USDPurchase

PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Rel. 9.2

Description: This PeopleSoft Time and Labor - North America Rel. 9.2 training will show you how to implement the PeopleSoft Time and Labor product encompassing features and functionality up through update image 18. Develop a solid foundation of knowledge that allows you to enroll time reporters into Time and Labor, assign them to work schedules, and report and process reported time.

Learn To:

  • Set up system tables, prerequisite HCM tables, and Time and Labor tables
  • Define workgroups and task groups to group time reporters into useful segments for processing
  • Set up processing rules to manage time
  • Enroll time reporters into Time and Labor, and assign them to work schedules
  • Report time using different tools
  • Process reported time using the rules you defined to match your business processes

Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Set up Time and Labor tables.
  • Report and process time.
  • Describe PeopleSoft Time and Labor.
  • Establish Time Reporting Codes.
  • Establish time periods.
  • Establish plannned overtime.
  • Create workgroups and taskgroups.
  • Define template built rules.
  • Build schedules.
  • Set up core HR, Benefits and Payroll tables.
  • Set up time reporters and groups.
  • Run Time Administration.
  • Use the self service and fluid pages.
  • Use the Time and Labor WorkCenter and Dashboard.
  • Set up and use auto enrollment.
  • Perform labor distribution and dilution


  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Administrator


  • Introduction to PeopleSoft for HCM Rel 9.2
  • PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.2
  • Time and Labor functional background


Setting Up PeopleSoft Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Tables

  • Indentifying Prerequisite Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll Tables
  • Defining Prerequisite Tables
  • Defining Holiday Schedules
  • Defining Earnings Codes and Programs
  • Defining Pay Groups and Pay Calendars

Setting Up Basic PeopleSoft Time and Labor Tables

  • Setting Up Time Zone Offsets
  • Setting Up the Time and Labor Installation Table
  • Setting Up Manager Time Calendar View Options
  • Selecting the Labor Distriution and Labor Dilution Options

Establishing Time Reporting Codes

  • Describing Time Reporting Codes (TRC)
  • Defining Time Reporting Code Categories
  • Establishing Time Reporting Codes
  • Defining TRC Programs
  • Defning Compensatory Time Plans

Establishing Time Periods

  • Describing Time Periods
  • Establishing Time Periods

Establishing Planned Overtime

  • Describing Planned Overtime Features
  • Establishing Planned Overtime

Creating Workgroups

  • Describing Key Workgroup Concepts
  • Creating Workgroups

Defining Template Built Rules

  • Identifying Online Rule Definition Tools
  • Identifying Steps to Define Rules
  • Defining Template Built Rules
  • Defining Rule Programs
  • Exporting and Importing Rules
  • Describing Rule Template Creation

Creating Task Groups

  • Identifying Task Functinlaity Concepts
  • Creating Task Templates
  • Creating Task Profiles
  • Creating Taskgroups
  • Describing Task Profile Reporting Precedence

Building Schedules

  • Identifying Scheduling Concepts
  • Describing Scheduling Integrations
  • Identifying the Steps to Create a Schedule
  • Setting Up Schedules
  • Validating Schedules

Setting Up Time Reporters

  • Creating Time Reporter Data
  • Maintaining Time Reporter Data
  • Assigning Time Reporters to a Schedule
  • Assigning and Viewing Compensatory Time Off Plans

Setting Up Groups and Security

  • Describing PeopleSoft Time and Labor Groups and Security
  • Setting Up Group Creating Security
  • Setting Up Dynamic Groups
  • Setting Up Static Groups
  • Viewing Time Reporters in Groups
  • Setting Up Group Security

Reporting Time Using Rapid Entry

  • Describing Time Reporting
  • Establishing Rapid Time Templates
  • Performing Rapid Entry

Running the Time Administration Process

  • Describing the Time Administration Process
  • Describing Time Reporter and Payable Time Status

Reporting Time Using Self-Service

  • Identifying Time Reporting
  • Defining Time Reoprting Templates
  • Defining User Preferences
  • Reporting Time Using Timesheets
  • Reporting Time Using the Web Clock
  • Identifying Mass Time Reporting
  • Requesting Overtime
  • Requesting Absence

Managing Exceptions

  • Defining Exceptions
  • Managing Exceptions

Using Manager Self-Service

  • Setting Up Manager Search Options
  • Using the Time and Labor Launch Pad
  • Managing Overtime, Absences, and Schedules
  • Defining Time Calendar View Options
  • Viewing Time
  • Approving Reported and Payable Time
  • Using the Approval Monitor
  • Delegating Approval Authority for Time and Labor

Using the Time and Labor WorkCenter and Dashboard

  • Defining WorkCenters
  • Configuring the Time and Labor WorkCenter
  • Using the Time and Labor WorkCenter and Pivot Grids
  • Defining the Time and Labor Dashboard
  • Understanding Dashboards
  • Working with the Time and Labor Dashboard

Using Fluid and Workforce Availability

  • Setting Up the Time and Labor Mobile Applications
  • Entering Time Reporting as an Employee
  • Managing Time Administration as a Manager
  • Setting Up Workforce Availability
  • Viewing Workforce Availability for Daily and Weekly Time

Integrating with PeopleSoft Payroll for North America

  • Integrating with Absence Management
  • Preparing for a Payrun
  • Running the Time and Labor Load Process

Setting Up and Using Auto Enrollment

  • Setting Up Auto Enrollment
  • Defining Auto Enrollment Groups
  • Previewing the Enrollment Data

Performing Labor Distribution and Dilution

  • Identifying Labor Distribution and Dilution
  • Sending Costs to Time and Labor
  • Viewing Distributed and Diluted Costs

Auditing and Adjusting Payable Time

  • Identifying the Stages of Payable Time
  • Adjusting Paid Time
  • Viewing Unprocessed Reported Time
  • Viewing Unprocessed PayableTime
  • Locking Timesheets
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