PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management and Update Manager



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PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management and Update Manager

This PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management/Update Manager combo training teaches processes to upgrade and maintain your PeopleSoft applications. Learn how to use PeopleSoft Lifecycle Tools to keep your applications current and manage your customizations. Suitable for students using PeopleTools 8.54 or later.

Duration: 5 Days


  • Understanding of the data structures of PeopleSoft Applications
  • Experience with Application Designer
  • Familiar with PeopleSoft navigation
  • PeopleSoft PeopleTools I
  • Experience with Application Designer (suggested)
  • Understanding of the data structures of PeopleSoft Applications (suggested)


  • Database Administrators
  • Developers
  • Implementers
  • Managers
  • Systems Administrators

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the different data management tools
  • Manage customizations
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Compare and analyze definitions
  • Migrate data using Data Mover and Application Data Sets
  • Manage and migrate customizations between PeopleSoft databases using projects
  • Compare and analyze definitions between databases
  • Merge pages and PeopleCode
  • Download and deploy PeopleSoft Image (PI)
  • Configure the Windows client and Change Assistant
  • Upload customer data and target database to PI
  • Use PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA application
  • Apply change packages
  • Download and apply PeopleSoft Release Patchset to PeopleSoft Image
  • Upgrade PeopleTools and apply PeopleTools patch
  • Create or modify a change package


  • Examining PeopleSoft Databases
  • Building and Altering Tables
  • Identifying PeopleTools Tables
  • Using Projects to Migrate Customizations
  • Using the Compare and Report Process
  • Viewing and Analyzing Compare Reports
  • Moving Data with Data Mover
  • Using Application Data Sets
  • Migrating Data with Application Data Sets
  • Downloading and Deploying PeopleSoft Image
  • Configuring the Windows Client Running Change Assistant
  • Configuring Change Assistant for Updates
  • Uploading Customer Data
  • Using PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application
  • Defining Change Packages
  • Applying Change Packages
  • Defining Update Packages
  • Downloading and Applying a PeopleSoft Release Patchset
  • Applying PeopleTools Patches
  • Upgrading PeopleTools
  • Creating or Modifying Change Packages
  • Applying Your Change Package
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