Siebel 22 Open UI Professional

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Aug 6, 202409:0005:00EDTLive Virtual Class2$2,700 USDPurchase
Nov 18, 202409:0005:00ESTLive Virtual Class2$2,700 USDPurchase


Siebel 22 Open UI Professional

The Siebel Open UI Professional course is a comprehensive, modular training that focuses on providing students with prior Siebel Open UI experience with all the techniques and details they need to excel in their Open UI developer career.

The workshop can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the target audience, not only in number of modules but also in availability of hands-on training and Q&A sessions with the instructor. The training is applicable to Siebel CRM version IP 14 or higher, including IP 17 and updates 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.

Duration: 2 days


  • Siebel Open UI Basics training or similar experience 
  • Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and modern web browsers is a necessity. The course does NOT teach the aforementioned web technologies, including libraries and frameworks (such as jQuery or React) that are built on top of them.


  • Siebel Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer


  • Translation and Separation – How to produce highly re-usable code by adhering to the principle of code separation – also covers multi-language translation
  • Data Visualization – Chart Applets D3.js, custom visualization, data aggregation
  • Storage Options – Cookies, browser storage, Siebel User Preferences and custom data objects
  • UPT and Test Automation – How to invoke UPt from Open UI JavaScript, how to create “testable” DOM elements
  • Web Templates – Create custome web templates to support more efficient customizations
  • Integration – Portlets, iFrames, external APIs and DISA
  • Mobile Applications – Siebel Mobile Application, RWD, customization for phone-sized devices, Smartphone UX
  • Custom UX with Web Frameworks – How to use Web UI framework such as Angular, React or Vue.js with Siebel Opoen UI – Real-life case study with Nexus Bridge by ideaport Riga and Vue.js
  • NEW! ES6 Update – Free, high-level overview of ECMAScript6/2015 features for experienced JavaScript practitioners
  • Case Study – Create an on-demand dashboard to visualize Account-related data with charts and aggregates
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