Siebel 22 Workshop

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Aug 28, 202409:0005:00EDTLive Virtual Class3$3,600 USDPurchase
Nov 4, 202409:0005:00ESTLive Virtual Class3$3,600 USDPurchase


Siebel 22 Workshop

The Siebel 22 Workshop is a comprehensive, modular training that focuses on new features and architectural changes introduced in Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 17 and subsequent updates. The training course can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the target audience, not only in number and sequence of modules but also in availability of hands-on training and Q&A sessions with the instructor. 


The training material is constantly updated to the latest Siebel CRM Update, following Oracle’s Continuous Release Model. The content is also applicable to any prior version (Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 17 or higher, including Siebel 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22).

Duration: 3 days


  • Prior experience (Siebel Consultant or Business Analyst level) with Siebel CRM up to version IP 16


  • Siebel Developer
  • Siebel Administrator
  • Siebel Business Analyst


  • Course Introduction – Overview of course goal and modules, Application Features and places to learn even more
  • Architecture, Installation, Configuration – Details on IP 17+ Architecture, Installation, Updates and Siebel Management Console (SMC)
  • Modular Deployment Engine – Detailed introduction to MDE
  • Installation A-Z – Siebel Enterprise installation across all angles, Windows (DB to AI), Linux (silent install and configuration)
  • Diagnostics and Performance – Comprehensive overview of AI, SES, tomcat logging and performance monitoring/tuning
  • ZooKeeper and Gateway Cluster – Details on ZooKeeper and Gateway Cluster feature
  • Workspaces – Introduction to Workspaces, Integration Workspaces, CI/CD
  • Web Tools – Detailed introduction to Siebel Web Tools features for developers
  • NEW! Data Visualization – In-depth details and hands-on exercises for Data Visualization Components (Infolets, Timeline, Hierarchy, Dashboard Views) introduced in Siebel CRM Update 22.5
  • Migration Application – Deep Dive into Migration Application and Migration Services
  • List of Values Management (New) – What you always wanted to know about LOVs, Workspaces and Migration
  • Test Automation – Introduction to integrated Test Automation, Recording, Playback, Jenkins Integration
  • REST API – Details on Inbound and Outbound REST API with examples
  • EAI Notes – What has changed for EAI and HTTP (SOAP, REST) inbound and outbound integration
  • Java Integration – How to manage Java Data Bean (JDB), Java Business Services (JBS) and Java Message Services (JMS) integration in IP 17 and higher
  • CSV Data Export – Learn everything about the CSV Data Export feature (introduced in 21.10)
  • DISA and SODD – Introduction to Desktop Integration Siebel Agent (DISA) and DISA Extensibility with Java and Open UI JavaScript. Introduction to Siebel Outlook Drag and Drop (SODD)
  • Usage Pattern Tracking – Introduction to UPT
  • CalDAV and CardDAV integration
  • Upgrade Overview – Overview on the process of upgrading from pre IP 17 to current Siebel releases
  • Mobile Applications – Overview of Siebel Mobile Applications (connected and disconnected) and Smartphone UX
  • Open UI Introduction – Overview and brief case study for Developers (for more Open UI Training, check out the Basics and Professional classes 
  • Portlets – Introduction to Siebel Portal Framework, specifically Portlet architecture
  • Containerization and Cloud – Discussion of Siebel Cloud deployment options and Siebel-as-a-Container, including Component Services (fka Cloud Native) architecture and Siebel Cloud Manager
  • Monthly Updates – Free YouTube playlist of monthly update summaries to stay ahead of the curve
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