License Assessment


Did you know?

  • 95% of organizations are found to be non-compliant during a software audit
  • If you have implemented virtualization technology, you must review your licensing model
  • If you have upgraded your servers, you must review your licensing model
  • Oracle Software Distribution Packages contain features and options that must be licensed separately
  • In some cases, simply having a separately licensed option installed is enough to be considered non-compliant – whether you’ve used the option or not
  • Penalties for non-compliance are severe and can include:
    • Back-payment of support for all years dating back to the original time of use
    • List price licensing costs and loss of discounting opportunities
    • Financial penalties
    • Virtual guarantee of regular future audits

Top 5 License Issues

  1. Financial risks posed by lack of license control
  2. License compliance assurance based on trust rather than facts
  3. Misunderstanding of granted rights
  4. Absence of fact-based software discovery and inventory management
  5. Inadequate contract management

A license assessment is extremely important in this current age of virtualized computing, cloud computing, and rapidly expanding performance of on-premise servers. It is very easy to become non-compliant and the costs to your organization can be staggering if not dealt with in a proactive manner.

Using the same process as Oracle’s audit team, we can help you understand any compliance risks and your options. We might also uncover way to help significantly reduce your costs moving forward.

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