25 Years – A Real Milestone

Oct 27, 2016

DesTech AnniversaryThe world of Information Technology certainly changes over 25 years. Let’s look back at 1991:

  • Oracle V6 is the current release and represents a complete re-write that includes features we now take for granted:
    • Row Level Locking
    • Rollback Segments, Tablespaces, Online Backups
    • PL/SQL – but no Procedures/Functions/Triggers yet…
  • Linus Torvald releases the first Linux Kernel
  • Symantec introduces Norton Anti-Virus
  • The world’s first website is built at the CERN labs and is put online

Fast forward to 2016 and tremendous accomplishments are clearly evident in the world of technology as well as at DesTech.

We are very proud of all the success that members of the DesTech team have achieved – both for our organization as well as those organizations that have trusted us with their IT needs.

A heartfelt “Thank You” to past and present members of the DesTech team and to the thousands of people who we think of as more than clients – but rather as our partners.

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