How To Buy Oracle Software: Some Key Tips

Oct 22, 2011

cta-oracle_license_price_guide-resized-600The decision to buy Oracle software is often a very good one. Oracle offers robust products that can deliver the combination of power, scalability, availability, and flexibility that will benefit your organizations.  Choosing to buy Oracle is just the first step.  Actually buying Oracle Software can be an intimidating process without some expert guidance.

Talk To An Experienced Oracle Reseller First

Before you do anything, including purchasing hardware, speak to an experienced Oracle reseller to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary software license fees.  Oracle’s licensing rules are very complex and you might find yourself paying more in the end if you do not consider the impact of the hardware platform as part of the software purchase process.

Know What You Intend To Use The Software For And Be Clear With Your Timelines

Being able to clearly define your needs and your timelines will help your Oracle Licensing Expert tailor the appropriate solution for your organization.  Helping you navigate Oracle’s complex licensing rules is one way a good reseller can help you.  In addition, a good reseller will know about any time sensitive special offers that you may qualify for and help you take advantage of any available discounting.

Be Open With Your Reseller

Ensure that you explain all your needs and constraints to your reseller.  The more your reseller knows, the more options they will have to put together the best possible solution.  If your reseller also offers training and professional services, let them know if you have such needs as they can likely be bundled in for additional overall cost savings as well as help insure the success of your implementation.

Consider the “Value Add”

Oracle software resell partners can offer the same pricing and discounts that Oracle can provide directly.  When your software purchase warrants consideration of a discount, a reseller such as DesTech would go through the same process to justify and seek approval of the discount amount as would any Oracle rep.

The real benefit of dealing with a reseller are the “value add’s”.  Using a full-service reseller such as DesTech can provide many advantages.  Such “value adds” include:

  • Advice
  • Advocacy
  • Installation/Configuration Services
  • Education
  • Support
  • Extended Services

(See our blog Oracle Software Reseller: The Value in “Value Add”).

Want More Tips?

Interested in more tips and advice on purchasing Oracle Software Licenses? Download our free Oracle Software Buyer’s Guide by clicking here.

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