Oracle Application Express (APEX): The Hidden Gem

May 5, 2011

oracle_application_express_apexIf you develop applications in an Oracle environment, you owe it to yourself and your organization to have a good look at Oracle Application Express (APEX).

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a fully supported “no-cost” option of the Oracle Database. Using only a web browser, you can develop sophisticated browser-based applications utilizing your skills in SQL and PL/SQL.

Choosing an application development tool is never an easy decision.  Many factors come into play in the decision making process:

  • Are you happy with the current tools you are using?
  • Do you have a business need that justifies the investment in Java/JEE?
  • What skill sets do your IT staff already possess?
  • If one of your programming team leaves, how easy is it to find new programmers who can be brought up to speed in your environment?
  • What is the ramp up time required to become proficient with a new tool?
  • Will a new tool provide features that allow for powerful functionality in the product developed for your business users?

If you are building applications against an Oracle database, your options are quite extensive – Java (JDeveloper/ADF), Eclipse, .NET, Oracle Forms…

Do yourself a favor and have a serious look at Oracle Application Express (APEX).  Consider these points:

  • APEX is a true rapid application development environment.  We have found that the build cycle is shortened dramatically when compared to using other development tools.
  • Utilize SQL and PL/SQL skills that all Oracle developers already possess.
  • Small learning curve to become a proficient APEX developer.
  • Extremely powerful capabilities for the advanced developer to build feature-rich applications for business users.
  • It’s free – including the Oracle Application Express Listener – a java based alternative to Apache mod_plsql.  In other words, you can run your application through a full featured application server such as Weblogic or simply utilize the free Oracle HTTP Server (Apache) containing the mod_plsql plug-in.

APEX popularity is growing at an astounding rate.  It has one of the largest and most active Oracle communities on Technet.  For more detailed information, click here to visit our APEX page or simply contact us for more information.

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