Oracle Database Appliance Combo: Peace of Mind in a Box

Jul 22, 2015

O_SpecPlat_OracleDatabaseAppliance_clrMany companies know that a consolidated, high-availability database system would save them money in the long term. But the costs and complexity of building and deploying an in-house solution can be prohibitive. Now, there’s help at hand. The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Smart Combo contains all you need to have your high-availability system up and running tomorrow. Whether you’re looking to consolidate disparate databases, boost their flagging performance, or ensure they’re always up and running, the Oracle Database Appliance Smart Combo is easy to set up and brings you immediate benefits. Here’s what’s in the box.

Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance is an integrated solution of database and systems software, server, storage, and networking. It’s all engineered to work together, in a single package that is simple to install and manage.

Oracle WebLogic

Oracle WebLogic application server: Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is the #1 application server for cloud and conventional environments. Pre-integrated in the ODA Smart Combo, it gives you a virtualized database and application infrastructure in hours.

Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Real Application Clusters ensures database availability by removing the single database server as a single point of failure. That reduces planned and unplanned downtime and maintains business continuity.

Active Data Guard

Active Data Guard delivers real-time disaster recovery and availability across distributed workloads without compromising performance.

And the Best Thing?

Oracle’s unique pay-as-you-grow licensing that lets you align your database costs to your real business needs today. You could deploy the Oracle Database Appliance Combo with as few as 2 processor cores and incrementally scale up to the maximum of 48 cores using the same hardware. This avoids the disruption of a hardware upgrade while maintaining the performance and high availability that your business users demand. With simple deployment, management and maintenance allied with top-flight performance and cost-effectiveness, it makes light work of all your high-availability workloads.

DesTech – Oracle Database Appliance Specialists

Need more information?  DesTech’s technology team are specialized in all aspects of the Oracle Database Appliance.  We are experts in both the hardware and software stack that makes up ODA.  Contact us with all your questions about ODA as well as helping you with business justifications, purchasing, installation, configuration, and migration services.  Start the conversation by calling our Technology team at 1-866-368-8455 or by email at

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