Oracle Database Appliance – What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Sep 21, 2011

oracledatabaseappliance-resized-600Oracle has announced the release of the Oracle Database Appliance.  It is a complete package of software, server, storage and network components that is designed as a single plug-and-go Oracle infrastructure.

Aimed at the Small and Medium Sized Business market, this 4U rack-mountable appliance comes pre-configured with Oracle Enterprise Linux.  Also included is the Oracle Appliance Manager software designed to make configuration and on-going management simple.

The Oracle Database Appliance runs Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition with the choice of running Oracle Real Application Clusters or Oracle RAC One Node for “active-active” or “active-passive” database failover protection.

What’s in it for you?

  1. All-in-One Package.  You get everything in a single unit – multiple CPU’s, storage, operating system, network, Oracle Enterprise Edition, etc.  Everything is pre-configured and ready to go with minimal steps.  No need to coordinate your server and database teams to ensure that all hardware infrastructure pre-requisites are met before installing the Oracle software.
  2. Pay for what you use.  The appliance comes with 24 cores available but you can license as few as 2 and Oracle will throttle-back as required.  Add more cores simply by purchasing additional licenses and the Oracle Database Appliance will throttle-up and make use of the additional cores you have licensed.
  3. High Availability/Redundancy.  Depending on your needs, you can easily configure Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on your Oracle Database Appliance.  You can also depend on the built-in hardware redundancy to further support your High Availability needs.

What Kind of Server Do You Get?

The Oracle Database Appliance comes with two interconnected Linux server nodes, each with two 6-core Intel Xeon processors (X5675) and 96 GB of memory.  Twelve TB of triple-mirrored raw storage is provided – giving you 4 TB of database storage.  To boost performance, 73 GB of solid-state drives are provided for database redo logs.

How Easy is It To Manage?

With the included Appliance Manager software application, patching and diagnosing issues is incredibly easy.  This software also simplifies the configuration and deployment of the Oracle database infrastructure itself.  The Oracle Database Appliance can also communicate directly with Oracle Support for enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting.

What about Backups?

The Oracle Database Appliance simplifies backups by configuring the backup process for you.  Keep in mind that you’ll still need a separate backup storage appliance to meet industry best-practice guidelines.

How Can DesTech Help?

DesTech has been providing Oracle services for over 20 years.  With a track record as one of North America’s leading Oracle Resellers and Professional Services organizations, we are well positioned to help you evaluate, configure and price an Oracle solution that is right for your organization’s needs.

For more information, contact one of DesTech’s Oracle Licensing Specialists (416-368-8455 / 1-866-368-8455).  You can also download Oracle’s Data Sheet at

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