Oracle Software Reseller: The Value in “Value Add”

Apr 20, 2011

oracle_licensing_bannerAs a successful Oracle software resell partner, we’re often asked, “Why should I buy from a reseller instead of directly from Oracle?”.  The question is a logical one.  Many feel that if they cut out the middle-man, they’ll get a better deal.  It may be logical but it is not correct.

Oracle has a myriad of non-monopolistic policies in place to ensure that the sale of Oracle software licenses through certified partners is not biased towards Oracle.  A level playing field is critical for a resell channel that is fair to customers, the reseller, and to Oracle itself.

Oracle software resell partners can offer the same pricing and discounts that Oracle can provide directly.  When your software purchase warrants consideration of a discount, DesTech would go through the same process to justify and seek approval of the discount amount as would any Oracle rep.

The real benefit of dealing with a reseller are the “value add’s”.  Using a full-service reseller such as DesTech can provide many advantages.

#1 – Advice

DesTech’s license specialists will work with you to determine the most cost efficient licensing model for your specific needs.  If you’re looking to consolidate servers, we can work with you to optimize your total license cost of ownership.  If you’re looking to add more servers, we can help you choose the most appropriate licensing options.  We will advise you on how to take advantage of discounts that apply at specific licensing levels.

#2 – Advocacy

If your needs warrant discounting from Oracle, we will work with you to ensure that you meet the conditions required to gain approval for additional discounts.  There are often specific promotions or advantageous volumes that we can help you take advantage of by working with you on your short, mid-range, and long-term goals to maximize your opportunities.

#3 – Installation/Configuration Services

As an established professional services organization, we have experience professionals available to assist you in building your Oracle infrastructure to match your business needs with best practices.

#4 – Education

As a certified Oracle University Education provider, we can develop a tailored training plan that ensures that your technical team has the required skills to support your organization effectively.

#5 – Support

DesTech can augment the support that you receive from your internal team as well as from Oracle Support on an as-needed basis.  Our consultants are available for both short-term and long-term needs and can either support your organization independently or work with your existing team utilizing a knowledge-transfer or mentoring approach.

# 6 – Extended Services

Doing business with DesTech doesn’t end with the signing of a cheque. We will continue to work with you and assist in any way possible.  Our goal is to ensure that you succeed in maximizing your investment in Oracle technology.

In conclusion, choosing a value-added reseller for your Oracle software licensing needs can result in a beneficial long-term partnership that will ensure that your organization has the support required to maximize the return on your investment.  Choosing DesTech gives you the broadest possible value-added services possible.

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