Queensway Carleton Hospital Data Breach

May 25, 2023

Recently, it was discovered at Queensway Carleton Hospital that an unauthorized third party gained access to an internal test environment where personal health information was stored. This is emblematic of the growing rate of cybersecurity attacks in 2023, and more specifically, attacks on healthcare organizations.

The Breach

In late April, the Queensway Carleton Hospital began giving out notices that up to 100,000 of its patients could be affected by a data breach. In March, an unauthorized third party gained access to a private internal test environment that held a large amount of patient information.

Despite the hospital’s claims that they have no evidence of misuse of information, this party could have accessed or copied the health information of thousands of patients. Even if it isn’t being obviously misused, this data is no longer private or secure and could be used in many ways depending on the motive behind the breach. Thankfully, no health records or banking information were impacted by the breach, but this serves as a serious warning regardless.


Businesses are under constant threat of cyberattacks and it is becoming increasingly important to be sure you are properly protected from such attempts. We have yet to see the full fallout of the Queensway Carleton Hospital data breach, but we can be sure it’s only a matter of time before we hear about another one.

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