Sophos: Prevent Outsiders from Testing Your Database Security!

Jul 19, 2015

sophos_logoSecurity used to be so much easier to manage. Ensuring all visitors sign-in at your reception desk and that all desktop computers are secured with a password is no longer enough. Securing your data with encryption and strong password management is no longer enough. Installing antivirus software on all your desktop computers is no longer enough. In today’s workplace, there are many entry points into your corporate network that need to be secured in order to prevent malicious individuals from gaining access to your sensitive data and documents.  Access is gained through the internet via malware, viruses, weak or non-existent firewalls, and malicious email attachments.  Add to this the challenge of managing the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) needs of your business users … the complexity of securing your environment simply grows exponentially. Fortunately, there is help.

Database Protection

For some time now, the major database vendors have provided security add-ons that protect your data using features such as encryption, labelling, and strong password management.  In addition, operating systems have allowed system administrators the ability to protect files and folders using a variety of security methods designed to keep data access at a need-to-know level. This is all well and good but doesn’t it make more sense to keep malicious users out of your environment in the first place?

Network Protection

Stop intruders from reaching your network in the first place.  Utilize security appliances that ensure that all traffic through your connection to the internet is secure.  Provide safe connections via VPN and Wi-Fi. Keep all your inboxes free of spam and phishing attacks before it reaches your users.

Server Protection

In the event that an intruder connects to your network, either directly or through malicious software, ensure that your servers, virtualized environments, and networks storage appliances are protected.

Enduser Protection

Protect your users with antivirus protection and data encryption regardless of the type of device they are using – Windows PC’s, Mac, or mobile devices.

Protect Yourself, Your Users, and Your Organization

As a Sophos, Microsoft, and Oracle partner we can help you implement a security solution that protects your organization from malicious attacks from end-to-end. Contact one of our technology specialists to learn how we can help secure your organization.  Call us at 416-368-8455 or 1-866-368-8455 or email us at

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